Top Fin Fish Eye View tank kit review

This is my review of the 2 gallon Top Fin Fish Eye View tank from Petsmart. It was on sale for $30 when I bought it, normally $40 I believe. Thanks for watching:)


Epic X says:

Nice tank looks really good. I added tetra safestart to my tank how much time does it take to get the nitrites good ?

Danielle Nunez says:

I bought this for my first betta a few months ago. It’s an okay size but definitely not meant for long term housing – as I’ve learned. I plan on upgrading my betta to a 3 or 5 gallon like I should have in the beginning.


The facade to hide the filter is nice to keep the betta from the suction.
The cartridges are somewhat cheap, something between 3 and 5 dollars for 2 pk. (Pending location/shops)
This filter is “quiet” for the most part, I hear a slight hum, which I am okay with and so is my fish.

 I’ve had to clean my filter multiple times just in the first month of owning the tank when the manual claims it doesn’t have to be cleaned for a month.
Size-wise, it was okay for the money, around 30 dollars on sale. (Definitely advise others to get a kit or a slightly bigger size, 3-5 gallons, over this for extremely active bettas.)

 This one may be better for smaller animals or as a quarantine tank. I know I’m still learning, so my word does not have more value than an educated person has at all.

Logan'sAquatics says:

it would be perfect for a baby crayfish while he grows then upgrade to a 10 gallon

Guitar T says:

nice setup, very relaxing, good taste, is that real wood, did you have to boil it

ambusher100 says:

I just recently got this same tank, color and everything. After about 2 days the water becomes cloudy and there’s a slime on the surface. Have you experienced this with this tank?

Guitar T says:

nice setup man, nice

HandsomeTroll says:

Damn I am in Europe is there an alternative to this tank ( a similar tank maybe or a replica)? Can you propose something to me? Except fluval spec v (takes too much horizontal space).

Themaineoutdoorsmen19 says:

it would be perfect for an dwarf african clawed frog


How do you turn off the lights at night

The Zuzi Show says:

I have the same tank  in the same color and I really like it! I keep 1 male veiltale betta and he is happy!

YoungSinatra25 says:

I just got a pair of these, but in white for $5.99 a piece. One for my betta and the other possibly for a dwarf puffer. Might snag a few more as gifts. At $5.99 why not?

Bjorn2keepfish says:

where did you get that awesome wood?

Victoria Davell says:

I have the exact same tank as you but I am having problems with my filter sounding loud. I even replaced the filter with a different one and I’m not sure what’s going on. do you have any recommendations on how to make my filter more quiet or modify the tank so the filter isn’t as loud?

dbachelor's Planted Aquarium says:

love the hardscape. Nice driftwood!


Sounds kinda loud or was it something else in the room

John Mendoza says:

What heater do u use ?

Logan'sAquatics says:

it would be better if it was a 5 gallon

MewwDiePie says:

Is the filter super loud or like normal loud??

KaijuCinema says:

What are your thoughts on koi bettas

Anya Schmidt says:

Where do you get your wood? At my pet smart they don’t have it in a smaller size:(

BlackfireGamer says:

is that a bigger betta or is it more of a smaller betta?

Amber Francis says:

is it okay if the cord is wet inside the filter?

Aerick Hood says:

Do you use a gravel vacuum to clean that? Or do you remove your rocks and wash them?

Christian Husbands says:

My Betta has that same issue with his tail fin,is that fin rot?

MMM KKK says:

I have to say this is a pretty sweet looking tank.

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