Top Fin Tooth and Fin aquarium review

I do a review of the top fin tooth and fin aquarium from Petsmart. This is a very cool design Fishtank that looks like a shark! To me, this is one of the coolest looking small fishtanks. Thanks for watching 🙂


Jake 07 says:

I got a 5 gallon fish tank and I already have a betta fish. He’s very mellow and I want to get more fish. What would be a could recommend fish besides a sucker fish

Blockhead VIP says:

Thanks for showing this tank. I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. When I clicked on the link you have it said it was pink. Did you get this online?

Tia Rawz says:

hi its me again. do you have any tips for fish that go to the surface to breathe? I’ve done a 15% water change, dechlorinated it and added a water pump for more oxygen but they’re still doing it

Amera Caballero says:

between this tank and the fish eye view tank, is there one you prefer over the other? I like the look of the fish eye view better but I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the filter being either noisy or ineffective

Squeaky Squirrel says:

This would definitely be a cool home for a dwarf frog, especially with such a low water flow. They’re pretty entertaining animals (not to mention adorable!) Thanks for the video!

Danny's Aquariums says:

Great video again man!
I love that tank!
*Keep up the good work and thumbs up!*

Dee From Brooklyn says:

I’ve never seen one of these. Good review

Melody S says:


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