Unboxing the Top Fin 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit!

Today I unbox my new Top Fin tank that my parents got me for Christmas this year! I was honestly so surprised, and am incredibly grateful for it.

This was a highly requested video. I will be uploading the full setup next week! 🙂

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Ellie Letourneau says:

Got this tank today at petsmart!

Tracey Niekrash says:

Where can you order replacement lights?

DailySlime says:

Awesome! Love your videos!

Think Paws says:

I got a 5 gal for my two bettas don’t worry there is a devider

Andy R says:

You have pretty little hands

anfarlamb says:

Ooh I’m so excited! It looks so big and so beautiful waiting for it to be used…. ahhhh!!

Alexis Wilson says:

my tank we ordered is a 20 gallon. it shipped late 🙁 still ain’t here

David Cameron says:

When you make your next video can you wear a bikini while your talking?

Beast _ Gago says:

this model that you have has changed so much the hood and filter more compact the thermometer and heater arebetter check it out

Bradley H. Vlogs says:

Lol I saw the poo-pourri ad before this video

Ellen Jarrard says:

I got their light for a 10 gallon and it makes the tank look so good. I have betta fish videos on my channel, including a tank tour, all of my fish houses/plants, basic betta fish care, mistakes I made when I first cared for bettas, how to clean a betta fish tank plus one more and I’d appreciate if you checked them out! I just uploaded a video showing how I clean my 10 gallon betta fish tank.

Rusty Ghostman says:

Is this your biggest tank? Really cool!

Spade says:

anyway when are you going to set up your fish tank girl i can’t wait

Jason Wilhelm says:

My beeta fish dide he ate a rock and exploded

PamperedPets says:

can’t wait to see the setup! what’s your plan for it?

CharmingBettas says:

Do you know where your parents got it? I absolutely love this tank and your video 😀 Great job!

roy marquez says:

Can you put a betta fish in that tank or no?

Rachel Schumacher says:

I’m purchasing a 20 gallon tank today after I get off the ice from practice, super excited!

Eric Mezenberg says:

I just got the 10 gallon size, only complaint is the filter creates a really strong current but I just did the water bottle thingy over top so its quieter and weaker.

Dolphincutie World says:

That’s a great tank and I like how everything comes with it like the heater that’s so awesome!

Hermit the Crab says:

Thanks for review definitely getting it

Fewyouknewme be for says:

how old are you ?? thank god i saw this vid first before i start typing what i think

David Carter says:

I’m gonna get this and get one bristlenose Pleco in it! I don’t know what his name should be though…..

Carrie Larocque says:

I have a 20 gallon, I love it! I have penguin tetras, black neon tetras, glow light tetras and one very layed back veil tail male betta. It’s so cute, he swims with my tetras.

Mr Penguin says:

how is that 20 gallons it looks like 40

Spade says:

what would you recommend me for a betta fish tank that is not to small

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