USB Fish Tank Review *Can it house live fish? Definitely Not!*

USB Fish Tank Review


So lately I have been watching a lot of fish videos and reviews on this tank always kept popping up, with people saying it was pretty and a great size and where housing two or more fish in it. Watching the reviews I haven’t found a single one that is honest about the size and whether it can actually house live fish or not, so because I was worried that people where being encouraged to buy this to house fish in, I decided to fund my own honest review on the product. Funding this review meant that I could not only film this video, but it also gave me the opportunity to review it online and contact the companies – doing this has allowed me to stop several companies from selling this product which I think is a great outcome! Please make sure you listen to the video the whole way through as I state some very important things about the tank. I know this is very off topic for my usual small animal videos, but fish are just as important as guinea pigs and need sticking up for too 🙂 Most of us would of owned a goldfish and tank in our lives and probably still do! They are great pets and are sometimes really mistreated as people just don’t know how to care for them properly, I am no where near an expert on fish at all! I just like to learn about them 🙂 Buying this tank also meant that I was able to leave a very honest review on it and on the website where I purchased it, this way people are also seeing an honest review about the size of it there too and will hopefully listen!
Anyway before I babble more, thank you for reading, and if you have read all of this and watched the video then comment down below ‘Goblin Goldfish’ !!


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