Walmart fish tank review..

Walmart fish tank review 360 view aquarium 3 gallons


The legend Brian says:

Would this be good for 1 betta?

Kortni Brooks says:

in my personal experience that tank was horrible. It does not provide enough swimming room and its so called “filter” doesnt work worth crap. Luckly my betta is now in a 10 gallon aquarium, he is so much happier! Btw that tank is too small for that poor fish but it is okay for a week or two but please get a bigger tank, this is not hate just helpful advice

*Determined 2Win* says:

I just bought this tank a couple of days ago after watching this review. I LOVE it. I only have one Betta. I enjoy putting on the blue light in the evening. It’s so pretty. I don’t use the blink setting, due to not being sure if it will stress him out or not. I’m very satisfied. Yes, I agree that the water is very clear. 🙂

shanice turner says:

nice tank

priya queen says:

From which website i can get this product in india.. please tell the indian website name

Cole Miller says:

two many fish way to many

Allie & Samantha says:

Only beta fish are acceptable to go in those and even betas need bigger tanks but they’re the only fish that will actually survive

KittyKush :3 says:

i bought this tank a week ago and i love it but same about the filter not sure how the filter works. though instead of just getting one bag of gravel i bought two since one bag didnt look like it. would be enough. my betta loves it she likes laying in her rock or on the thermometer. but id like to know how the filter part works when its an air pump as well

Blake Bendele says:

I have the same fish tank! XD

matt ellis says:

This is horible! 10 fish in this little tank… those changing lights and no swimming room! Not to mention that you shouldnt buy anything fish related at the walmart fish torture house!!

Shann Brixen says:


Emmett Hoffman says:

You are over crowding the tank 10 fish in 3 gallons is not enough space i have the same tank and only keep one betta in it

Michael A.A. Dickson says:

its a good set up but cheap small minnows and gold fish are not that active you child would like a more active fun fish so i would go for some guppies and or tiger barbs

Tracee Lee says:

You can reply on my facebook 🙂 Tracee Lee
Thank you 🙂

Karol S says:

i have the same one but my cap to cover the filter keeps coming off, how did you make yours stay?

Guitar T says:

very ni

Stella Films says:

This is all wrong.
1. That tank is terrible. It’s way too high. It gives no swimming room.
2. The fish in there need way bigger spaces! Those goldfish need at least 40 gallons
3. The changing colours stresses out the fish too much. How would you like being trapped in a tiny tunnel with flashing lights?

stonegateaccent says:

I just bought this today and wanted to read the review.  Thank you for taking the time to post it.  So far I like the tank and my beta seems happy.  I agree about the filtration system.  There is no real filter to trap anything.

Amanda conner says:

nice review

Diamond Taipe -Florez says:

its a pretty good tank

Lydia Peter says:

that wuold be good

Tracee Lee says:

I love it, my son gave me his and I put my Betta in it, he’s a happy camper in style…. I am curious to know how strong a jet from the pump, and does your pump make noise ?

Amanda conner says:

somebody better commet because im on this channle

Lydia Peter says:

i have the same tank and i have like 2 or 3 fish bettas and a other i dont know

abruhem jr says:

that is the filter.its an undergravel system

Mika Chan says:

my betta loves it <3

Avia T. LittleHawk says:

I have a fish tank from Walmart I didn’t come with a air pump. But my fishes seemed prettty chilled about it

Rhain Piquette says:

Can I put a Cory fish in this?

Emmett Hoffman says:

And stella films is right about the flahing lights stressing out the fish

Diamond Taipe -Florez says:

oh ok great,

Himanshukumar Patel says:

I put 3 glow fish they die in 10 minutes. Why? Filtration works good. Any idea? I installed heater also in this tank.
Another question if I change water every 30days in future need 3 days filter water? Where fish go those days?
What’s best way to filter stone to put?

Diamond Taipe -Florez says:

it won’t let me see responses

Jazmen Barajas says:

Your tank looks awesome

Griffdawg powers says:

that’s the same one I have

Jonathan Lopez says:

How much Did your tank cost? and when you barely opened and set up the tank was it an OK way to start a habitat with a beta fish or would I need to go to the store to buy extra things to make it suitibal for the fish.?

Mayra Rizo says:

Please let me know what you thing about the filter.

kenneth mills says:

Yeti’s and research on goldfish goldfish need a hundred 50 gallon or more

Anthony Denton says:

do more reviews

Shann Brixen says:


roy marquez says:

I look it that fish tank aquarium I can’t found it in Walmart I think I need pets mart

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