What is the best aquarium/fish tank filter?

My opinion on the best aquarium filter.


Ben Jamin' says:

How do you get your bubbles to float up slow lol no matter the size of mine they just shoot up!!

Bass Player says:

I clean my canister filter once a year and it is not necessary even then. I have seven large Discus in a 55 gallon bare bottom tank. I siphon out the poop and left over food once or twice a day, I turn my canister filter off when feeding.
Water perimeters are pristine…
By the way I just bought my 5th SunSun 525 GPH canister filter, they work great….

usmstephen says:

With sponge filters such as the ATI sponge filters, do they act as a biological and mechanical filter all in one? I’m new to this and I want to make sure I’m doing everything correctly.

dayang nurulain says:

Bro I have a question if I added knife fish,fire eel ,alligator gar and silver arowana. what filter and equipment that suitable for them.

John Ras says:

I took out an old Duetto underwater filter .. mine is in a 5g nano ,my vote is for the most silent filter ever built!

CrimsonLich says:

I could not agree more Jason. the whole reason most people get into fish keeping is to keep fish and enjoy them, not to just clean the filters.

Luis Andrade says:

it looks ugly tho

All About DIY says:

Thanks for the re shoutout man I really appreciate that!!! Let the race to 2k commence haha!!! Good luck man and if your serious we should decide what the winner gets. Just sayin

Humble Fish Haven says:

Another great video bro.


I don’t do canister filters because of the lifting…I have lower back injury from car accident and if I bend wrong I risk not being able to walk for several days…so I use HOB’s and a sump ..the sump is not on the ground but beside tank at waist high for easy access – but still lower than my tank overflows – means I do not have to use a super powerful pump as well due to reduced head height.


Hay Jason great video love that filter i will be trying to make one for myself

shinlangan says:

Love your down to earth style. Subbed. Always learning something new. Hope your tooth extraction went well and look forward to more content!!

Sumit yadav says:

Sir I want to know some information about sponge filter which you are telling in this vedio 1 want to buy this filter but how many months we have to check this filter

Theo Quach says:

So what filter is that your using in the video and where can I buy it?

Deon 0026 says:

I hear you man! It’s definitely boiling down to the math. Each filter has its in GPH and each tank has its own stocking. So 5x over filtration can play a key factor. Now which filter best fits your needs is up to you. Is all filters great yes. Does all filters provide the same needs for all aquariums no.

Pondguru says:

You summed it up in the first few seconds, man.
The best filter is the one you have – the amount of people who don’t even have a filter is shocking.
As long as the filter is large enough for the volume and stock that is half the battle – the quality of bio media is probably the other half but ultimately of secondary importance.
I’m planning a filter about filter sizing (with regard to trying to get an idea of how much media is required to achieve full cycle filtration – reduction in nitrate) as that is criminally under represented on Youtube and is so important for good water quality / lower maintenance.
You da man and its great you put knowledge out there for the benefit if viewers as so many channels now just want to bleed them of money to support their hobby / addiction, lol.

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