Aquarium Heater By Fluval Unboxing!

Unboxing a Brand new Fluval Digital Aquarium Heater!

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lordgitface says:

You had me laughing out loud at cutting the boxes up

ShelbyRae Lane says:

After the box flags, it all made perfect sense.

Aquarium Co-Op says:

I need some of those handy displays!

Miky Schuster says:

Is it #Fluvaltrippin ?
I thought it was #Fluvalstrippin
dumb me …
And why du you have a e in it ?
I thought it is spelled with i

Guppy Guru says:


Dan Squires says:

Fluval may not be Trippin. I have one that’s years and years old. The flags need to go on the coop I think.

Corvus Oscen says:

Have you seen these plant packs???

randy frazier says:


Richard Wheatley says:

Amazon’s was cheaper wasn’t it lol jk

miguel ramirez says:

When are we getting a chickening video??

Catfish Cave says:

Yay! Grandpa Corvus does a puppet show… wait… you need to build a puppet theater…
I have two 150w heaters in an 180g in an unheated garage… no problems.

Shelley G. says:

great heaters , i love mine

Aquaticfish7 says:

I have two of these heaters and I love them!

Tampa Tom says:

A box on a stick

g bear says:

I don’t think you get the warranty . You bought off amazon should of went with the coop

Gus. says:

Like on a scale of 1 to 10 how much crap did cory give you for buying it off amazon? haha!

Fish For Thought says:

Very useful review for me. I’ve only got the lesser known brand heaters.

Dennis S. says:

I have 2 of the Fluval E300 on my 120 and they cant keep the tank at 77-78, with the house heat set to 67-69. They also have to have water flowing past them. I have found having an air stone below will keep the flow issue under control.

the pessimistic optimist says:

try and hide this filter behind decor and you will find out it stops working properly because it needs to be next to a strong flow so most of the time it’s in full view mine’s in the cupboard and i’ve gone back to my old heater which i can hide and it works fine

Aquariums Anonymous says:

Like some others have said, my experience with these heaters was that it wasn’t keeping the temp and was taking too long after a cold water change to even come back to temp. I really wanted them to work because they look sleek and the most convenient thing was having the digital readout on the heater.

Twin Cities Guppies says:

I got four of them and I love them. Great video. Love the flags!!

jss52 says:

Anybody ever tell you that you remind them of Steve Zahn’s character (speech mannerisms) from That Thing You Do?

Kevin Brown says:

You crack me up! Great sense of humor. Keep being who you are and your channel will continue to grow. INTERNET!!!!

Penélope Flores says:

Funny intermission lol

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