Aquarium Heater Selection Revisited

Aquarium Heater Selection Revisited


Merritt McDowell says:

time for a neptune apex brother weeeeell worth the money

Malgorzata Kowalczyk says:


For me only: Eheim Jager heater. I have never problems with them. Thanks for sharing:

ReeferMikeyD says:

just a thought: but if you put your heater in your overflow, wouldn’t that just heat the water dumping into the sump? and for the reason you’re putting it there, it would only heat the water in the overflow not the display if the return pump went out. can you put the probe behind a rock and run the cord up the overflow corner where the overflow meets the glass?

Gaz Jones says:

Hey Scott what sort of thermometer do you run? Id love to get decent ones that actually are accurate

Chi Tang says:

viaaqua heater you showed. I had the same model and the controller failed on me too. not a good heater.

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