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Today we do a review on an aquarium heater. It’s made by Mylivell. We found it to be very consistent with temperature. We were sent the heater in exchange for an honest review. The heater held the tank at a consistent 78f.

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Silver Stream Bettas says:

Aww! I wish I wasn’t asleep when you uploaded.

Rebecca S says:

Thanks for this review! I don’t have a tank this large so I didn’t need it but I always find your reviews interesting and to see what you’ve learned. For me, I use the Marina mini water heater in my 2.5 gal tank. It works well enough for me here in Florida though I did find that I have to put it on a timer because it doesn’t regulate temperature. Therefore, I have it on a timer that aligns with when I cool my house at night for sleeping and that has worked great. If it is cold, then I leave it on all the time and then it holds it steady.

ALEX ever says:

HI I m in malaysia i have same heater for 40 gallon 3w

Lynn Hankins says:

What kind of heater can i use for a 3gallon tank. As i don’t have heat in my home and we’re heading into winter. What do you suggest.

V. Stag says:

Awesome video Thanks for sharing

Nathan Stark says:

I can’t trust the random small brands that pop up on amazon for a heater in a valuable tank.

They all come from the same place and are just sold under different brands. The last one of those I had leaked and water was pooling inside the area where the heating element is.

Food Preparation says:


Stormy Mist says:

For a second I thought the title was aquarium haters XD

Feisty Fox says:

I have two of these exact heaters from Amazon. Been using them for the last 2 months on both of my 20L’s and they’ve been maintaining the temp pretty well. No complaints on them. And I have to agree about the adjustable temp, I won’t get one without it being adjustable!

Fabio Prado says:

Loving your new icon! The new camera is awesome too

NamjoonLotto says:

Will there be a Black Friday sale for your store? I’m planning on setting up a divided 20 gallon betta tank and if there is, it would help out a lot! xo


Great video

Bettaxfish 1 says:


Guppy Gal & Tanzie the Ragdoll says:

by the way, your guppies are looking gorgeous how are the babies looking?

Jayla White says:

Is there a heater you recommend for a 2.5 betta tank? The temp of my house is about 70 degrees

Pet Craz says:

What fish decor is you’re bubbler? It is cool. It looks like a river. Where did you get it?

Planet Earth says:

Its literally the perfect time, I’m getting my tank tomorrow and I’m still deciding on my heater

Shirene Dustin Miller says:

First :3 your goldfish are very pretty in the background.

Adrian's ramdom vlogs says:

I live in Tampa Florida and I have some fish and it got really cold and I never used to heater so now I had to use a heater.

Elizabeth Ann says:

Thank you for having a coupon code for H2O plants… Just bought 5 anubias nana petite for a great deal!

Down the Worm Hole says:

What a wonderful review! your tanks are looking wonderful as always. thank you for sharing.

Balloon Kiiwi says:

perfect timing as my heater malfunctioned and I lost my betta yesterday, do you know if they supply to Canada as well? also your 20 gallon looks amazing, especially those crypts!

Melissa Rausch says:

I prefer the Eheim Jager TruTemp personally. However it’s cold in Ohio, so having good, less expensive backup heaters is always a good idea. Another great video, thanks for sharing it with us!

Chitownst1 Gaming says:

My aquarium heater won’t turn on help it still works but doesn’t turn on. Last night it turned on for like 2 seconds then turned off. That was the first time it turned on like in the whole week. It still works but won’t turn on please help I had to put a blanket over my tank to keep it warm

Sherry Swinney says:

Nice review Sheila. Always looking for a good heater.  Thanks for sharing.

Heavy Metal Lion says:

I’m actually looking to get a new heater for my 20g Long, so this is perfect timing for me!
Also, I just purchased some of the spider wood you have on your amazon recommendations page. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

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