Aquarium Water Changes – How to Use an INLINE Water Heater for Your Aquarium

Daily Dustin Video 042. In today’s daily video I discuss using Inline water heaters to do aquarium water changes. Hope you enjoy 😉

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Florida state fishing says:

Hey what’s a good way to get my red tail cat grow faster

Dustin's Fish Tanks says:

Aquarium Maintenance: Deconstructing The 220 Gallon Aquarium

Dustin's Fish Tanks says:

BIRTH to DEATH Throw Back – Old 125 Gallon Planted Aquarium Remix

ZMan3k says:

Do not own one but have installed many. A mixing valve would be your best option for a “set it and forget it.” But what I do with a tanked water heater is hook a hose with a splitter up to my kitchen sink so I can adjust the hot and cold myself with a thermometer and then fill a tank (because I use municipal water and have to dechlorinate) then add seachem prime and fill with a small pump. Then you aren’t completely draining your water heater because the hot water is 1/3 to 1/2 on at best and you can get much more 78ish degree water than 50 gallons(or whatever the size of said water heater is.) the same can be done with your tankless heaters. But on the scale of what you’re doing I would recommend getting a mixing valve because you just open the tap and go.

vvrriissvvllaadd says:

Maybe you can rent some warehouse space in your city for logical price , instead off dealing with all that headache greenhouse , or getting killed by black widow across the street

Mary Ross says:

Good luck with city today!

jerry ebner says:

I don’t own one and not sure about getting one at all. having only nano tanks the current heating system works fine.

Marisela Resendiz says:

Can you use bottled water that says purified, for fish/ turtle instead of using dechlorinator??

Florida state fishing says:

Love your vids man

Isis-Elise Cousins says:

I always plan out laundry and dishes around d my water changes for this exact reason! I’d kill for an inline water heater

Adam says:

Good luck with the city, I would love if you did a Q&A on tankless water heaters. I’m talking to a plumber now about one, trying to decide if getting another water tank or doing the electric tankless instead. Is there a difference in cost between running the two? Didn’t know it only comes out 86 and has to be cut with colder water, thanks for the intel

cascade ghost says:

Love my tank less water heater, I will never buy a tank heater again.

L.R.Bretz's Aquatics says:

I know of this pain! Just got my tankless in and left the tank water heater as well for extra hot water storage.

Steve McCord says:

So do you filter the water before it goes to the inline heater? What about maintenance for lime scale?

Dustin's Fish Tanks says:

DISASTER AVOIDED! Aquarium Filter Not Working

Dustin's Fish Tanks says:


Triple 10 Tanks says:

its on my to do list to get a tankless heater

Graham Seale says:

Dustin I was wondering if you would do a video on hydra? I’m sure you have seen this before.

FlintSparked says:

In my 100 gallon aquarium, I just change 10% every two or three days. The fresh water sits in a bucket above the tank, and I siphon drip it in so I don’t have to keep an eye on it.
I guess the downside is it takes 6 hours for it all to drip in, but the temp doesn’t change haha

Mark Smith says:

Couldn’t you make a poor man’s water tank? Meaning get a unused tank fill with water and a tank heater get the tank up to temperature and than pump that up to the main fish tank?

aguyandhiscomputer says:

The shower temperature changes when you flush (or use water) because the pressure in that supply line has changed. This means less supply to the mixing valve in the same setting. Modern thermostatic mixing valves are designed to keep the total pressure constant.

Dustin's Fish Tanks says:

My Wife My Fish Tanks My BROKEN Mini Van

Chuck Stickelman says:

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve will simplify setting the output temperature. Using one will allow you to set the tankless heater to a temperature that maximizes it’s efficiency, while ensuring a constant temperature regardless of other variable usage. The digital ones look cool but are out of my budget.

ErnieDoesThings says:

Naaaaah fam

Daniel Dulu says:

This little two foot by two foot box replaced a 200 gallon water tank at my work and the guy that installed it said as soon as house models come out hew is getting one which they are now available. Do your wife a favour and get the even distribution system where everyone gets the same pressure and a flush toilet does not burn you in the shower I believe they use a header and plastic pipe for distribution.

J S says:

Ideally, I would have auto water change, temp wouldn’t matter as the tank would balance no trouble. I don’t have that sweet setup.
I do smaller changes. After freaking out my fish with water way to cold one time, I now check the inflow over and over again, and keep the volume small – 20% max.
Good luck with the greenhouse saga, hope the best for you.

Dustin's Fish Tanks says:

NEW GREENHOUSE (2018) I Can’t Believe Some GOOD NEWS!

Latif Aziz says:

For many years I’ve wanted a tanked water heater after the inline heater so you have an inline heater filling up your tanked water heater, for the home. I bet a team with an engineer and a plumber could figure it out for your application.

Ella Gregory says:

Our basement flooded out last year and we had to get a new water heater and furnace and the guy that came out to give us an estimate talked my husband out of getting a tankless water heater which is what I really really wanted . He said they were too new and had problems and and the manufacturers didn’t want to make good on their warranties

Jim Lahey says:

Bro. How your Aquarium “rack” hasn’t collapsed, I don’t know.

Robot Aquariums says:

*Sounds like your wife is making it easier for you. 1 shirt with 1 pair of underwear a day. 76 subs away from 100.*

Vinez says:

Hi dustin, when I do a water change in my aquarium I do it with ice cold tap water, I let the temperature drop by a maximum of 5 degrees in the aquarium. I think this might happen in nature too when it rains temperatures might change rather quickly.

Dustin's Fish Tanks says:


karen peppe says:

My landlord has one in my house. No more cold showers. Ahhhh. So nice

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