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So heres a quick review of the Aqueon heater. This one is a few years old and they have made a change since, but it doesn’t look promising. I will be fair though and withhold judgement from the newer ones since I haven’t used them yet, but they don’t look a whole lot different from these.

So the bottom line on this is, its lasted for a while (surprisingly) and it has a light to let you know when its on or off. Other than that I can’t really say anything good about it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Kenneth Badders says:

The new ones are improved with more accuracy and now have numbers so you can set it. I have 3 in my Nano tanks (one Fluval Spec 3 and two Marineland Contours) in the back behind the black plastic filter wall so you don’t see them and they are working great with no fluctuation at all. It sounds like you got taken when you bought yours but I guess they learned a lesson also.

dannie ortiz says:

Can you tell me what would be a good inline line heater

Eric O'Connell says:

Aqueon pro’s are the old Stealths. So no, there not just different body’s. Up your game there Kasper! If you want to say lol, then. say it?

Eric O'Connell says:

You should be reviewing the Aqueon Pro. Its just as good as a Jager.

350streetracer says:

its true. I had it and its very imprecise. However, it reaches the 90’s F, and most of the others don’t. Sometimes 90’s are needed to kill diseases.

Gorgui Gueye says:

I have the same one but mines have numbers on top

Big Gar Fishing says:

I have one of the newer ones, you can adjust the temp and i bought it for 30 gallons but my 30 gal is not being used so im using it for my 15 gal and it is a lot warmer than it says

SasuNaru and other junk Dogs anime animal crossing says:

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I love your channel

audioman628 says:

I like aqueon tanks. I have a 75 and I like the fit and finish on the tank. Aqueon in my opinion makes much better tanks than Marineland, but aqueon heaters are GARBAGE. I set mine to 80 degrees and a day later I checked the water temperature and it was at 85 and the heater was still on. Their internal parts are very poor quality. I’m in the hobby since the late 80’s and out of all the heaters I tried aqueon is the worst. Do not trust this heater.

Rorygs says:

I have 3 tanks, all 3 have aqueon heaters. One of them has a 100w glass heater, the other 2 have aqueons all metal pro series heaters. I love all 3 of these heaters and have no complaints. You complained about the oversized head with shallow aquariums, that’s why you turn it sideways, it will heat the water more uniformly that way. I think you have an older model heater also all 3 of mine have numbers for the desired temp setting. The suction cup mounts on mine have always held in place where I put them. I will own nothing but aqueon heaters in my aquariums.

J Wade says:

You hilarious lmao

Martin A. Gamino says:

Unfortunately I watched this video after I bought 3 of them 7 months ago, the only thing I like is that until now they are still working really good but is very hard to maneuver or hide in the tank.
for my other tanks I have bought Fluval fully submersible I had them for 3 months so far so good but who knows.

Carl Strohmeyer says:

After being in the hobby for 35 years now, I highly recommend the Via Aqua heaters. They are a great price, made to last, go to high temperatures, and actually keep the water the temperature the heater is set at! I’ve used many heaters, all have some pros and cons. The only better reliable heater I know of are the Jager heaters, but the VAs do the same at a better price.

Samuel Perkowsky says:

Cobalt heaters are my favorite

Stan G says:

Aqueon Pro heater rocks! Love my 150 Pro

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