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Had several the normal Aqueon submersible heaters in my African cichlid tanks. They started to malfunction so I replaced via the store warranty them with the Aqueon Pro Version. Aqueon was also nice enough to send me 2 extra “Pro” heaters in the mail. Thanks Aqueon,will try these out! Alot of products these days are made with limited life expectancy.

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electric water says:

to right in casing them down and letting them know many wouldn’t

Lunar Mike says:

I’m talking to them about a replacement. Two heaters in 2 days have condensation. ONLY thing that bothers me with your replacements is the plastic doesn’t show moisture.

The person who answered my call said “they’re made in Italy” as to why moisture is in there and it’s normal long as it’s not by the coil and only by the led light…..???????? BS!

Thanks for the video, it made me call instead of driving all over town to different petsmarts, again.

michael martinez says:

Thank you for the video. I’m setting up a new tank and your experience and knowledge is very helpful.

Cecil County Cichlids says:

I have that heater, it’s been working great for me

ihsnshaik says:

I’ve had that for a while! These are great!

matthew o'dea says:

most of the time water gets in is the bit you turn to change th tempon the heaters best thing to do is buy  good heater set it put it in tank and don’t keep changing the temp yes its not idel but less chance water will get in never clean it

Andricity says:

I had the same exact issue with that heater. I tossed it as soon as I noticed the issue. I have switched to the cobalt bro therm 300 but I have been considering the aqueon pro. Subbed you as well

Kevin Rosenberg says:

Goint to start up my first planted tank in my 20 gal long thanks for the vid. I’m gonna go with the 100 watt Aqueon Pro

T-Man says:

good info, haven’t had any issues yet w/ my glass heaters but I’ll def b looking for the signs that u mentioned

ronerx says:

The “Pro” seems hard to find lately

papa MIRQ lbs says:

love the beat at the end and beginning

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