Best Aquarium Heater 2018 Fluval E Series LED

Today I review the Fluval E Series LED Heater which is in my opinion is the best aquarium heater available today in 2018. While production runs can always vary, We have sold a ton of these and they have a 5 year limited warranty with Fluval. You can buy the heater on our website here:
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MCTav8 says:

Hi Cory, could you review the Dennerle Dosator? Thanks!

Aquarium Co-Op says:

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Tyler Gordon says:

You mentioned they have a low- flow warning. How well will these handle being in a Hamburg Matten filter?

ARD's Corner says:

This is NOT a good heater, not good at all. I have just returned one as it could not keep temps and kept telling me the flow rate was bad, even though it was against the output of the filter. After some research I found this reply from Fluval rep

“Dear Mr XXX
Thank you for your e-mail.
The E heater may have need to be reset, to do this turn off the heater and re-position the heater on a 45 degree angle, then turn on the heater and turn down the temp as low as it will go,18″ ,then turn up the heater as high as it will go ,34″ ,after this set the heater at the desired temp and leave at a 45 degree angle making sure it is totally submerged.
We have had no problems with the heaters, the only issue we have had, is that the heaters need to be positioned on a 45 degree angle to disperse the heat .The heater are so sensitive, they will sometimes read the water temp inside the heater guard if positioned vertically.
If non or the above helps please call me or return it, along with your proof of purchase to your supplier for replacement under warranty, as it has a 5 year warranty with them.
Hope this helps

Jonathan Wright
Aquatic Customer Service/Technical Advisor”

So in order to get mine to work I tried it at 45 degrees, and it seemed to work a bit better, but to be honest, it is not a 45 degree or horizontal heater owing to the way it is configured and the display, operation etc.

I would avoid this heater if I were you.

Jay says:

Nice review. I have the 300watt one, says it can hold 375 litres. Using it on my 200 litre. Im moving to a 500 litre so ill def be buying another.

Logan Kramer says:

I find it interesting how that some guppy colonies tend to eat babies a lot more that others. My colony of turquoise moscows do not even touch there babies but my pingus used to all the time.

Nick Marinho says:

Hi Cory, Been watching your channel for about a year now. Love it keep up the good work. Also just noticed a new Fluval light on their website. FLUVAL PLANT SPECTRUM . Hopefully you might be able to do a review on it in the near future as i really trust your opinion 🙂

rachel dempster says:

I have one in my 55 gallon tank love it best heater I bought worth the money

noahl2788 says:

Do you ship fish? I looked on your website but saw no live fish so I’m not sure

TheMFLAV says:

I have 3 of these and love them. However one of my E300s Green light burnt out/ Still turns red and blue but not green. But does still display the temp. Great heaters

bobfal says:

Where’s my low consumption heater and hover board

Steve Miller says:

And I’m over here using 4 dollar 300 watt heaters on my tanks 🙁 , making me feel welfare.

Michael joffe says:

Plz someone tell me if the giveaway winner has already been anounced.

Brian Eaton says:

Anyone have a heater suggestion for small aquariums (< 10 gallons)? I'm not seeing any great reviews for small sized heaters

Evan Stepowany says:

Comparison to the cobalt neotherm if you have ever used those?

Gozew StuffNThings says:

From the UK.. Never going to see red 😀

Brian's Opinion/Comments says:

Hey Cory, trying to find the max temp setting? Keeping/raising and spawning some fish I like a heater that will heat into high 80’s and even low 90’s. Also I was wondering if you have used the Cobalt heaters? I know they are pricey, but I think I might like the concept that their 300 watt is really 2 heater I can place at different ends of the aquarium. Any thoughts/ideas or opinions?

James Wilson says:

I live in Canada and submersible heaters are not labeled submersible due to insurance and legal mumbo-jumbo. They are Infact totally submersible

Kerry's Bath Crafts says:

How super weird is that, watched this video the other day and now the new aquarium I’m getting for my birthday has this heater in the package lol! Fluval Roma 240

Adam Till from Arctic Lights Aquatics says:

Is the set temp the actual tank temp regardless of tank volume, or is it a “relative” thing where it’s a best guess and you set via external thermometer per normal heaters?

Dutch 4ever says:

I have 2 of these! a 300 and a 200 watt! both were inaccurate and inefficient with electricity. thought it was because of the cage so I put a small power-head beside it to create more flow around it but it had no effect. both are now in a draw as back-up ones for the 300 watt Aquatop and 200 watt Eheim Jager. Both of them do an awesome job compared to the Fluvals and are cheaper or around the same price.

Dakota Brown says:

I’d live to see a par rating on the “Zoo Med” led light, it has interchangeable led boards so it should be long lasting if it stays in production

Kevyn's Aquarium says:

Thx, looks like good heater. Thanks for the advice

Jason Bosse says:

I have had a Fluval E 300 on a 60 gallon tall breeder tank for close to a year now and I really like it. I was annoyed at first about the low flow issues because I am OCD and it seemed as if it only worked when it was mounted diagonally on the back of the tank. I have since mounted an eheim air diffuser under it to add more flow and I haven’t had any problems mounting it vertically.

Rogue Aquariums says:

Funny when you said that the heater looks ghetto w/o the guard on it. Lol… These fluval heaters are compact enough where they would fit well in your sump as unlike the longer Eheim heaters, I’ll have to try one out. Great review Cory..

hdjc86 says:

The leader ad was a Tom cruise movie trailer…the inline ad was for Scientology…usually I get gamer ads on aquarium channels, does the coop community have something to confess?

art says:

Love the info Cory

Remi Moore says:

Sounds like a winner.

N1RKW says:

I’ve been using nothing other than These Fluval E-Series heaters for the last 5 years. They are accurate, well built, easy to set, and almost a requirement for tanks with loaches and catfish. The only problem I’ve ever had with one was broken glass because a certain online retailer didn’t pack it properly (it was replaced by them for free). These heaters are well worth the price.

Ryan Bradford says:

y put that weird inflection on ur voice all the time

JRPy Fish-n-Game says:

Not sure i like the look of the heater. Does it show more in the tank because of the case? Nothing a stalk of wisteria couldn’t though. Great the overview of the heater. Thanks for sharing as I like this series.

Marie C says:

No matter WHERE I have this heater in my tank, it is constantly saying LF and it’s annoying! It’s been right beside/in front of the HIGH flow filter all of the time. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Dragon Fist says:

Looks nice love the protective box covering it has but I won’t be buying a new heater till mine goes out and I’m using the Fluval M300 which works great for me atm.

pprazak says:

I too have this heater, only issue in the last 4 years is the tabs on the heater guard do get brittle and snap off. At that point the guard segments do not clip back together. Unfortunately Fluval do not have the guard as a part your able to purchase independently should this happen to you.

A Gamer's Wife says:

Ooo, very interesting. Never heard of this heater till now. It’s definitely on my must-buy list the next time I have a heater fail. Would be nice to have some dimensions listed on the Aquarium Co-Op website so I can make sure it fits. Being a colder region, I usually have to buy heaters much larger than the recommended tank size to keep up with the winter temperature drops. 😛

Black91crx says:

I typically love my Fluval equipment, but I bought one of theses heaters in 2014 and it stopped working after just 2 months. Just bad luck I guess.

Kevin Mara says:

Helpful review, thanks Cory.

Peter Mercado says:

Thanks Cory. I have a e300 in my 75g which houses 18 Tigre barbs, 5 clown loaches, 18 neon tetras and a albino bristle nose Pleco. Best heater I’ve ever owned. Works great! It keeps temperature within 1/2 degree from my setting at all times. Thanks for the review and I look forward to more.

craig mason says:

do they do a 25w heater for a nano tank Cory ???

Sanmay Bandyopadhyay says:

Can this unit be mounted horizontally?

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