Best Aquarium Heater Brand Reviews? Fish Tank Q&A – The best Aquarium heater reviews for your fish tanks are here. I talk about top rated brands and what to watch for. My favorite is the eheim Jager series. Here is a link:

Eheim Jager Heater:

Wow thank you so much for the response is everybody that was an excellent read. I just got out of work and I was curious as to how many people actually fed their fish live. I asked these questions because some buddy’s and myself got a little giddy the other night over a live feeding session in my tank cichlid tank. My partner was explaining to me that he didn’t feel as though trying to make it a contest was something that we should promote. I told him I would get some feedback and then I would get back to him on whether we were going to run the live stream live feedings or not.

After reading the comments I have learned to realize why I do enjoy watching my fish feed live. It is exciting to watch the prey get away also. As a matter of fact if you watch national geographic I think most people route 4 the for the underdog antelope being chased by the Lions. In the end sometimes the Lions will get their prey. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is just real life and some of us actually are interested and the techniques and speed and agility both between prey and predator. It is still up in the air but me and Joey will be making a final decision and our live stream tomorrow on our page.

I wonder why the bio rings were on top of the sponges in the hob. I have not had a hob in a few decades but a few sumps I have, I’ve packed biomaterials like the rings on the bottom and sponges on top finding the water flow across the top sponge added a more mechanical filtration. I haven’t cleaned them in years either. Great water flow and crystal clear too. Is there an advantage to the bio rings at the top?

You should always pack a filter (any type) this way: Whichever way the water first enters the filter, the FIRST thing it should hit should be the mechanical media. (Sponges or foams are mainly mechanical .) After that, comes the biomedia and the very last thing the water should touch before it leaves the filter should be any chemical filtration, such as Purigen or carbon.

Packing a filter this way keeps the biomedia as clean, fresh and clog-free as possible. Biomedia MUST remain as fresh as possible because biobugs are living things that require oxygen. In clogged, dirty biomedia, your BBs will soon begin to die and be replaced with anaerobic bacteria… usually of the very BAD and unhelpful variety.

I have the 350 penguin. I’ll say I love having the sponges instead of cartridges. But I have noticed the impellers can be a bit delicate if you mess with them or mine are just old. I’ve yet to actually cut intake sponge. I just bought a sheet of Sponge and cut to fit link in reply.

It’s a very helpful video and thanks to his video I’ve optimized all my filters. Love it. Only issue I ever had was the filter on the intake valve got clogged up pretty fast on one of my tank and cause the filter to stop working and I lost several baby fishes by the time I could correct it. But it was my fault it happened.

Hey guys, quick question. How many fancies would you recommend for a tank ~30 gallons? I have a black moor, Flower, (my BABY) who is about 4 inches and a younger 2-3 inch red oranda, Tipsy, right now. I would love to get maybe one or two more piggies. They are being kept in my boyfriend’s tank but I want to bring them home. My tank has been cycling a while and all parameters are good; as well as a quarantine tank for when I get another family member or two (if I could now). Also, I know they will eventually need something larger later on. I already have that covered (I get my boyfriend 75 once he upgrades, yay!) I know this is a long post for such a simple question so thanks for reading it through!
**Also this is a terrible picture in the midst of a water change as well as the outside of the glass being a little dirty, but it’s the only one I have of them together so far. They are just too cute not to show you though.

Hiya.I’m new here. Was part of a different goldfish group for awhile, learned a lot, but grew tired of judgement and left. I am in need of advice. My son’s telescope goldfish recently passed away from dropsy, leaving behind one tank mate, who from all appearances, seems fine. I quarantined the telescope as soon as we noticed there was a problem and put melafix in both tanks, along with frequent water changes and carbon filter replacement. My son is debating between getting a new fish to add to his tank, or rehoming the surviving fish and selling his set up. Either way, how long should the surviving fish be under quarantine? I don’t want to add any fish and risk them getting sick, or rehoming our fish and getting someone else’s sick. Any advice would be appreciated.


Thomas Henderson says:

Purchase a tetra 100w two days ago. Watch your video yesterday that dis these heaters. My marine burned out and I needed one fast. The reviews I read yesterday were very mixed on these heaters. In my opinion it sucks when put into a vertical position. Doesn’t heat the water. Last night I rearranged it to a horizontal position on the bottom of my aquarium and seems to be working now. Just checked the aquarium 5 minutes ago and the temperature is now 76f. Big improvement since it was 67f yesterday morning. I would recommend people to try it because it is very cheap and it also comes with a 2 year warranty. If it doesn’t work, just return it.

Ryan Ohara says:

Ive only ever used aqueon heaters havnt had any problems, used the preset ones they work great at keeping tank close to 78 just got some new ones with the ability to adjust for my newer 75 and 55 gallon tanks the dials arnt to acurate so i started at a lower setting and have been working then up untill i have them where i want them


cobalt aquatics neo therm by far the best with three year warr and great customer service!!!

Jeremy's Aquatics says:

Great video man keep up the good work 🙂

HPS Aquatics says: Review this 😉

Danial Brett says:

Missed it! Good video bud. What do you think about heater guards. Are they needed for large fish… predator tank.

P j says:

The Jager blows the thermostat breaks all the time.. I can tell you heat your room and not your tanks!! I wouldn’t listen to this product break down what so ever!!!

Daniel Mccoy says:

What do you heat your fish room with?

Mango Fisherman says:

I don’t know the best, but sunsun is the worst

Eddie Choi says:

So what is the best heater from your experience?

Rahul S says:

ehiem jager is great for the price… have 9 tanks all with the jagers…. comparatively cheap and very sturdy built… can’t beat heaters made in germany

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