Cobalt Aquarium Heaters and Neo-Stat– Product Reviews

The NEO-STAT electronic temperature controller turns any aquarium, terrarium, reptile heater, pad, or heat lamp into a precision controlled device. The advanced circuitry controls your heater in place of the original thermostat more accurately and safely. Good for up to 500 watts of total power.

The all new Cobalt Aquatics ACCU-Thern fully submersible heaters feature an easy to set thermostat with and ON/OFF indicator light that is Triac equipped that turns the heater on and of at lower voltage, and magnetic contacts that ensure positive contact and release of the thermostat switch every time.


Reefs 2 Morphs hunt says:

Hey since your breaking down the tank any chance you’d hook up the neo heater and cobalt controller?

reefkeeper2 says:

Just a safety tip. Using powers strips near or under your aquarium is dangerous. I know a lot of people do it, but it is really not a good idea. Google powerstrip aquarium fires and you will see what I mean. If you look into it maybe you could do a video on how to manage electrical equipment around aquariums. Not exciting but would definitely be useful to a lot of folks.

nizam bangash says:

can i use this heater for a fish bowl


I wouldnt buy these heaters. Ive read alot of reefers reporting that these have exploded on them.

Been using an eheim jager myself and havent experienced any problems. Much better product imo.

Maximum Reef says:

Nice channel!!

AquaEcoCubes says:

Hey George, great vid! Can you please check out my soon to be reef and give me some ideas/tips? I’m not done with the filtration so dont flip out lol. Thanks

Matthew Pegram says:

Hey I am just wondering how to get my zoas to open after changing them into a different tank?

George Rivera says:

dude, that neostat is exactly what i need! thanks so much!

Tony Goose says:

I had a Neo-Therm 150 watt heater for my 40 gallon reef broke within the year. I was shocked that it broke cause Cobalt is such a good company

Adam Glen says:

Nice product and vid.

Fabrizio Novoa says:

more please

Rafael Hernandez says:

Nice video for the beginner hobbies

Shelley G. says:

i dont understand the purpose of using the neo stat with the neo therm which already obviously has the same exact thermostat in it

toxic aquariums says:

Isnt this just a move expensive version of the via aqua? An the via aqua is titanium with a digital lcd screen to display the temperatures

Eric Ranschau says:

One tip… When using a separate thermostat to control a heater that has its own built-in thermostat and temperature adjustment, the control on the heater should be set higher than the desired temperature. This ensures the heater won’t kick itself out before the standalone controller turns it off.

Brandon'sChannel says:

where did you get the seahorse poster? oh i love it!

GhostCrisp86 says:

I love your videos i have learned soo much and im really excited to get my first saltwater tank soon. Yaay!!! I have a question if you could answer it please!!

I’m getting dry rock im getting online,soo my question is should i cure or cook it before it goes to my tank? What do you recommend. Thank you!!! 😀

Vincent Taylor says:

Great video as always! I would love to see an update on your tank.

HalfMan HalfCichlid says:

Amazon has thousands of customer ratings for Eheim filters. Although a small percentage of folks reported difficulties controlling the water temperature, I could not find any “catastrophic failures” experienced for the first 1,000 Eheim heater reviews I looked at. On the other hand, I checked the Cobalt heater Amazon reviews, and as of earlier this week, the greatest number of customer ratings was for the Neo Therm 150 W and there were only 82 reviews. This is a very small sample size. Of the 82 reviews, there are 9 (>10%) of the total, that report catastrophic events (heaters exploding and fish dying, and danger to personal property (catastropic failure)). More than half of these failures occurred in the last 12 months. Please take a look at the Amazon review and reconsider your endorsement of this heater. I had a catastrophic failure with a heater and I will never forget it.

Faucet Couch says:

Nice video George! I would have placed the temp prob in a location other than next to the heater.

Dan Lowery says:

keep the info coming, great!

TheFishTank Doc. says:

Nice video, but I had to look up the neo stat to see exactly what it did, which I would have though was the whole point of the video.

XxpoplocksxX says:

Love the product looks easy to use and has the control from over heat nor cooling down. Love it

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