Eheim Jager Heater Review – 300W or 150W – Here is the link I was talking about on the Eheim Jager. Make sure to choose the right size.

Eheim Jager Heater:

These are the best heater on the market. So I am wanting to do a black water tank, how do you get the water dark? Different kinds of wood, Indian almond leaves. They also make stuff to put in the water, but I’d personally keep it natural. Easiest way is to go outside, collect some beech and oak leaves and boil them. Let the water cool and dump it into the tank. Thats how I do mine….. on top of adding the leaves themselves and driftwood.

Other info:
I buy distilled water because my local tap is pH 8.6 and that has too many minerals. It buffers the acidity. My substrate is aquasoil, and my plants are swords and cryptocoryne. I use a Planted+ light.

There use to be a product you could purchase I believe by Aqua Safe or Tetra and it was specifically for black water tanks. I had one years ago and used it. It was liquid and you just added amount according to # of gallons.

Do not listen to anyone telling you to dose your tank. It can put leaves and pods in your tank to get the effect you are looking for. I don’t do Blackwater currently, but a very good way is to use organic soil with mulch in it, oak leaves, and lighting that’s kinda yellow already. Like a soft white bulb.

Most freshwater fish enjoy it. Not all. Fish like -African- cichlids like harder water, -South American- cichlids like the softer (tannin) water. Most tetras, barbs, catfish, etc love it.
You can find the information online for your individual fish.

Our oscars, plecos, guppies, corys, tetras (5 different types), hatchetfish, loaches, rams and bettas all love it. We currently have 7 blackwater tanks. Well Blackwater means very acidic water, the dark water is just what comes from the tannins that make your ph low. Not all water is usually “black” water, per say, but yes to get your ph low to create a blackwater environment, use a substrate that is Clay based like Fluval Stratum to help buffer a lower ph, and add in decorative rocks also clay based, driftwood, Indian almond leaves, etc.

Never heard that before. In all the years Ive had “blackwater” tanks, blackwater has always meant just that, dark water due to an abundance of tannins. Acidic water without tannins is just that .. acidic water .. with tannins it becomes “blackwater” because tannins make it dark .. according to your “definition” I have a “blackwater” aquarium and I didn’t know it because the pH is 6.4 which is acidic.

Summer Kathleen Meredith, I didn’t say I had tannins in the water .. my aquarium as bright and clear as day .. it just has a low pH .. thus it’s NOT a “blackwater” aquarium. You can add vinegar to water (not aquarium water) and turn it acidic .. doesn’t automatically become”blackwater”.

But thats not correct. lol You can have low PH and its not a blackwater tank. Its the actual BLACK WATER that makes it a blackwater tank. It has to be loaded with tannins, causing the water to turn “black”, which in turn will lower the PH.

I had a 29g blackwater aquarium with 28 Cardinal Tetras, lots of plants, a huge piece of driftwood and surface covered in duckweed and floating plants. It was doing great for almost a year until one day I added 2 more without quarantine because they were from the same guy and I didn’t have problems with the fish I got from him before . Within 2 days all were gone and I didn’t even know what was going on and couldn’t do anything about it.


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