Finnex Titanium Aquarium Heater and Controller

Today we are taking a look at the Finnex TH-S 500W Titanium Heating Tube and Digital Controller Kit. I have had this aquarium heater for while and I love it. I provide a quick setup and review of this heating system.

Finnex 300W Titanium Heater with Controller:

Finnex 500W Titanium Heater with Controller:

Finnex 800W Titanium Heater with Controller:

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The HC-0810M Finnex controller offers a precision digital control with LED digital display which maintains water temperatures at a constant level protecting your livestock from temperature fluctuations.

The Titanium Finnex Heaters are corrosion-resistant, extending the life exponentially from saltwater damage. Virtually unbreakable, especially in comparison with the standard glass aquarium, these tube are built to last.

300S 40-80 Gallons
500S 70-130 Gallons
800S 140-265 Gallons

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CM Coker says:


Michael Manna says:

Looks like a nice heater. I would love to get one!

Solis Reef says:

Like, subscribe and comment this will good on my new build you can see it on R2R

nmscience09 says:

Nice video. Great alternative to those of us who can’t afford an apex system.

Jeremy Dodd says:

I’ve got one of these already, no issues as of yet. Would like to have a second one for back up if/when needed.

PBadger Byrd says:

Will add this one to my wish list for sure. Thanks!

ncfishguy says:

I need that heater send it to me Jeff

Kari Kalender says:

Pick me! I live in a poorly insulated home and my temp swings are killing me .

Michael Marks says:

Apex + GHL temp probes can make me nervous, having two temperature readings + separate controller does seem safer

Greenstreet58 Lambert says:

Great heater and controller love the fact that the heater also serve as a ground probe.

Juss Less says:

Add me to the contest

Mark Kapraun says:

Need one ASAP

Royce Holder says:

Nice heater

Tony Star says:

Thank you for this review definitely getting one for my 180

ReefJeeves says:

I’ve been looking at one of these in a smaller size for my nanocube to replace my cheap heater. I would love to win one to upgrade my nano challenge tank

Shark Bait Aquatics says:

Nice review

Shaking Shark says:

hello! just curious if you still like this heater? thinking about getting it.

TiceWelborn says:

Nice construction, titanium over glass any day!

James Wohler says:

Good stuff

Mike Crouch says:

Thanks for the info, I’m setting up a 125G w/ a 50G sump and still evaluating the options for heating. Having had standard heaters fail to shut off, I’m definitely leaning towards controller/heater combos; this video is extremely timely!

Ricko YoLo says:

My 125 gallon Reef needs this

fudsey says:

I need a new heater 🙂

Bob Dankert says:

Awesome heater. I have one and it has been rock solid in my tank!

James Haskin says:

Hey Jeff how do you run this heater on your apex.

jason lynch says:


ThaMan Mello says:

I like the product it has its own controller love it bro

David Roady says:

Love my 300W Finnex Titanium heaters – nicely small for the power rating.

Chris Shaney says:

would be great for my new 120g set up

Brad Tanksley says:

I have a cheap heater and need to invest in a quality heater

Doyle Robbins says:

Great heaters. Could really use one of these.

Justin Ussery says:

Very accurate heater! I’m from reef2reef in for the drawing :):)!! I’ve been wanting to buy this heater but haven’t had the money!! 🙁

Jeremy Armitage says:

Nice. Would come in handy

Dan D says:

It would be nice to have a heater with the controller

Robert Lugo says:

I likes it alot!

Martin Finn says:

My favorite heater

Andrew Lemoine says:

Great video Jeff I have that very heater would love a back up !!

Joe , Tropical depot says:

Need your help just bought this heater and it works . It’s a 300 watt in a 40 gallon breeder with a 20 gallon long is that a nought to heat it , I’m doing a test run right now and it’s been all most 2 hours and it’s only at 76 degrees?

T S says:

I have several of the bare heaters controlled by apexes but would like the redundancy of the controller.

However it says and you referenced a +/- 2 degrees. If I set it to 77 how tight to that does it keep the temp? 75-79 would be far too big a swing. Thanks

Patrick May says:

Would love a good standby heater

Mark Schmidt says:

I like the min/max feature and the auto shut off. For high watt heaters a separate controller is the only way to go.

Nathan Carter says:

Need one for my new tank build. Love premium aquatics..

oscar Anchundia says:

I would like to replace my current one with this one

carl rode says:

I have the finnex 500W and it is very reliable. This unit would make a great backup!

dwlee78 says:

nice. love that it comes with a controller.

Ian Mahoney says:

You said there was a 2 deg swing in temp, have you noticed multiple swings on your Apex?

Otto Reese says:

I’d be down to have this heater. 🙂

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