Fluval E-Series Aquarium Heaters

The Fluval E Series Aquarium Heaters are the most technologically advanced heaters on the market. With integrated electronic temperature display, dual temperature sensors, and settings to the half degree, the E Series is a major step forward for heater innovation.

To learn more, visit: http://www.fluvalaquatics.com/ca/freshwater/aquarium-heating/series/


Adam Holt says:

External heat changes…smart arse!

tosh .o says:

@Springs24 me 2 but i fix it by puing it up 2 75 degrees

ryan truth says:

i bought one of these around the time it just released earlier this year; it works well and i like the lcd screen. however, if kept inside a saltwater tank that has typical algae (green hair, coralline, or even red slime) it requires cleaning very frequently so that the inside casing doesn’t get clogged, affecting the censor and giving you false read outs. i didn’t know this was fully submergable.. is it really? overall i like it!

Jibendra Thapa says:

Are Fluval heaters sold in the US restricted to 110V or do they support 220/240V too???

Rummayyah Ismail says:

My e300 its shows red on 25 which supposed to show green why is that?
adviced please

mjs92882 says:

@SpyroTheDragon9972 yes you can.

Mike Bradley says:

What if my 300w fluval e series heater keeps blinking blue and reads 72degrees F? I think it might not be working

Fluval Aquatics says:

Hi, knowing the ambient temperature is an important consideration as well since it takes much more energy to maintain a temperature of 26°C at 20°C ambient vs. 25°C ambient, for example.
That said, a 100 W heater is recommended.
Also, take care to protect it from the turtles as it’s not uncommon for large turtles to cause breakage to submersed heaters. Hope this helps!

mjs92882 says:

@kemikali you can see the temp live, dont need anything else.

GunstarGizmo says:

This is similar to the Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm which is also Italian made. The difference is the Neo-Therm shows the actual aquarium temp in addition to the set temp. The things I dislike about it is that the labeling wears off from cleaning or becomes covered with algae film and it only does 1 degree increments. I replaced my Neo-Therm with the Fluval E50.

Ph D says:

Please stay away from this heater, never keep up with it heater inside tank, never buy it again

dazpanzan says:

And for the youtube “spelling and grammar police” yes I know there are errors and so does every other poor fucker you feel the need to educate with predictive spelling devices, however Piss taking & sarcasm is permitted from other users with a life 😉

STILLDecibel says:

Can u place the heater in a oblique position if the tank is smaller than the length of the heater? I bought 200 w cuz i m gonna to upgrade the tank at some point, but it is too tall for what i got now.. Thank you

Dean says:

So what do you do if it blinks red or blue ? Just leave it until it returns to normal? Or adjust it? And to do you just flick it to what temp you want and that’s it? Do you have to hold it to set it or? Any info would be great thank you

frankfurta0 says:

Got two e 300 one free with pfk mag and one of eBay both have failed within 12 months.

GunstarGizmo says:

I’ve returned my E50 heater today. This tech is obsolete and not at all safe for sensitive marine life. I guess I should’ve looked at the post date of this video. Takes to long to heat a small aquarium and does a poor job at maintaining a set temp. Almost lost a fish because of it.

Fluval Aquatics says:

@ReBootEnzo, the required heating power is usually 5 watts per gallon. If the ambient temperature of your room is very cool, it would be the power requirement of your heater. You also need to ensure that there is good water movement around the heater as this can dramatically impact how efficiently it functions.

Fluval Aquatics says:

Hi Hamad,
For technical questions, please contact our Customer Service department. Our team will be more than happy to assist you. Here is the contact information:

CANADA: 1-800-554-2436
USA: 1-800-724-2436
UK: 01977 556622

Ericec4126 says:

I just bought a e series 300 w heater I set it to 80 degrees and the lcd is showing 74 degrees no lights are flashing either.

acerb45666555 says:

a covering??! how long have tank heaters been around? and only now they think of safety!

steve foy says:

bought one now it’s in the bin gone back to my old heater far better

Mikolaj Szyba says:

I got E300 three times and the problem is always the same with the temperature adjustment lever ,u can go up with temperature but u cannot go down … always the same three heaters and in all three the same malfunction … What a waste of my time and money …

dazpanzan says:

unbreakable protective guard my ass, pushed the two side panels in to adjust it and they snapped…I would also day they have a mind of theyre own and have teething problems that news looking into fluval as I have 5 of these heaters and 3/5 dont work “smoothly and as they should”. I shouldnt have to spend this kind of money on a top end heater and have a cheap n nasty emergency heater work better! Come on fluval, dont cyt corners and start to fully test products before they hit shelves..please!!

Paul Ballantine says:

I’m currently using the e200 in my coldwater set up as a back up and it is set to 20 degrees c, in the event of a power cut will this heater remember my setting or will it reset and heat up to the default 25 degrees c?

Ryan Cueto says:

Do you have any heaters that will fit in the back compartment of the specs?

Paul Franks says:

Mine is shit!!!!! dont buy, tried emailing fluval no reply!

mjs92882 says:

@Tibialmario wont hurt, go for it.

Telmori says:

Can someone please tell me how long the cable is for the E300?

STILLDecibel says:

Two things i gotta say about this heater, or it is crap or i got one faulty! First it ain’t switching off when i pull it out of the water and second it has a will of its own, stuck to 14 degrees flashing red! I need at least 80F that’s why i bought it! The temperatures showing here are not happening..A waste of money and time. F frustrating!


hey guys, i have a 162 litre (about 36 gallons) the room does get a little cold at night.
what size heater or heaters do you recomend?
i was looking at this one at 300W

Hamad Muslat says:

I think , it will better for Fulval to test the product very well before sale it in the market , this heater do not work as expected!! I will buy another one , this is a wast of time and money too

kemikali says:

Does this heater need a thermometer or does it actually tell you the temp in the water? Sounds like theyre saying it tells you the temp. IDK….

R Croydon says:

The Fluval E200 wouldn’t heat at all, never go over 75 degrees, what waste of time and money buying that.

Fluval Aquatics says:

Hi Jibendra, no, they are for use with 120V 60Hz only.

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