Fluval M-Series Heater Review

Review for fluval m-100 heater


matthew o'dea says:

iv also got a fluval m100 hter and think its the best heater iv had ok early days oneybeen running a month tops but iv had a marina 6 month old fail a 8 month old Trixie fail and a brand new eheim jager that sticks on,heaters are a nightmare as far as I’m concerned iv 2 tanks running a 90ltr with the fluvak m and a 220 lrt with a eheim jager so time will tell

holliewwollie says:

Same problem my blue light is never on..think i need to take it back.

jack604 says:

found out from another video some dude called the company and found out these heaters really can be fully submerge without any problems !

njw1383 says:

Nice review. Your tank looks great

Sai Vang says:

hey i just got a brand new fluval m series the m300, and is this normal? i forgoted to let it submerged for 30min then i pluged it off. then let it submerged. then 30 min past by i plug it in. and then the indicator light goes on for 10-20sec then off for 1-3min then on again. and do i have to wait for 12hours for it to do it job?

kidsWearCrowns says:

how many inches is it?

RiotJays says:

oh thanks! 🙂

Sai Vang says:

how come mine isnt heating up my 55 gallon? its a m200 and the temp is stuck at 76 even though i adjust it it just stays at 76 then later drop down to 74. Mine plants are now dieing its been 9 days since this heater isnt heating. and its on.

RiotJays says:

How do i turn it on? Or does it turn on by itself?

tomcat13claws says:

Mine works pretty well, 200W in a 55 gal. It’s set for “around” 74 and last I checked it was around 74. It IS fully submersible btw… Mine is horizontal at the bottom of the tank and it’s working fine. I bought mine at PetDumb on clearance for 18.00  

lolilikeReptiles says:

great review man

holliewwollie says:

Thanks for that my tank is set at 75 as at the minute i ionly have tetras and a betta what would you say is the best temp for them?

Kay Skywalker says:

I have a 200 watt in my 65 gallon and it works well. I have it set to just below 27 and the temp in the tank is at 80 f. Works really well. The one fish store uses them in all of their fish tanks for the past two years with no problems. Avoid Aquoeons, the last one I bought caused electrical current to leak into my fish tank causing my nine year old Oscar to jump the tank one day before I had a chance to catch the problem.

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