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Choosing an aquarium heater is not a difficult process, but will take some forethought. You need a heater that will give you the control you need, while being durable and safe enough to last. In this video, we walk you through the basics of choosing an aquarium heater!

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Isaac Perez says:

Hey I’m thinking about getting a hydor in-line Heater how long have you had yours up? I’m getting mixed reviews on it I want to hear your honest opinion about them

Bernal says:

Real good informative video , i personally use an H7 mini digital display heater , Real good .. real accurate .. you can get one for 6 Gal all the way to 75 gal Not expensive at all.

Ambular Rose says:

Wow! Good timing, I’m looking for heaters for my aquarium, I’m upgrading to a 210 gallon tank with 40 gallon sump tank. I haven’t heard of an inline heater before. I think that will be better then the in- tank heaters that I was thinking on getting 3 of them. With a inline heater would 1 be good or would I need 2?

wesley patrick says:

I lost a few fish other day I have tetra strips but it seemed fin other than ph and alkaline but fish was in there for a week and lost all but 1 had 8 in a 55. So I did a 50 % water change waited 24 hrs then took water to petsmart only fish store around me and they said the same so I got api proper ph 7.0 now my water is super cloudy and it has been 24hrs what should I do thank you

Jared Byer says:

Thanks for the video. Do you have any resources for researching inline heaters?

Zain NIAZ says:

Hey Thomas! I live in a tropical country where the temps are always around 30*C. Do I still need a heater for my 25 gallon or not? I think I sent my tank to you already.

Shawn K says:

I heard the rooster and was like “wtf”… Then I remembered when Joey visited and there was chickens outside haha.

Dillon Cooper says:

Can guppies and angel fish live together also can bala sharks live with angel fish?

Ken Zhao says:

any good heater for a fluval spec 3?

kevon says:

What are some common problems with the cheaper preset heaters? I have a two livebeaerer tanks and I live in Hawaii and I’ve never had to heat my tank until we had a freak cold front here so I got a 100 watt preset aqueon and that was struggling so we had to put a 200 watt in as well.

Christine McHale says:

Great info! I have a 5 gallon tank and I ended up getting 2 heaters – a 25watt for use in warm weather months and a 50watt for use in winter because my ambient room temperature is quite cool in winter (my preference since I’m a cold weather type person), but warm in summer to save on the A/C ( I suffer but my betta is comfy). This has worked very well for me, plus I have the advantage of having a spare heater in case one dies for whatever reason. My tank has a hidden compartment at back for the pump and filter and I just put the heater there so I don’t see it. Made sure it sits right next to the pump so the water flow keeps the entire tank at the same temp. Finding a very efficient and accurate heater that was small enough to fit in the back compartment was a bit of a challenge, but Hydor fit the bill. Their heaters are slim and short which is what I needed. Love these vids. Keep them coming!!

JW Aquarium's says:

Great video and information ☺️ I’m getting my mom a Saltwater Aquarium for 2,000 subscribers getting close ☺️

Umm Guy? says:

Excellent educational video once again.

Evil Genius says:

Timely video. Was just wondering if my 150 watt heater would work on the new 45 gallon. Looks like I’m in that in between place. I think I might get a 200 watt inline one.

Mathew kimmerle says:

So I’m looking for getting a bigger Aquarium I’m looking at a 55 gallon tank from petsmart for almost $350 if I remember right but then there is a pet store in another town selling a 90 gallon for $200 and I got an offer for a 200 gallon fish tank with everything included for what I need just no fish for $200 is it worth it even though it’s used and what should I look for?

mushroomed says:

Hello! I have 2 zebra danios, 1 molly, 1 platy, 1 neon tetra, and a betta. 60 liter.. I noticed Ick in my tank, I raised the heater to 30 degrees Celsius to kill off the Ick. Is that safe for my tank?

The Irishman says:

Is there an aquarium heater that’s wireless, (uses batteries). For example the snow storms that hit this year and a ton of people lost power, if you don’t have access to a generator, well…you’ll have a lot of dead fish. 🙁

ONiF says:

I love these videos pop up after I buy the thing

David Koljozov says:

I have a 60 gallon aquarium and im using 50 watt heater and the water is petty warm

Diego KF says:

Great Video! I found that the Aqueon has a 3F swing on the on and off cycle. What is your experience with it? I ended up buying an Inkbird controller for it

RuiNas says:

Bravo… Good info

ShoeBakka1 says:

Can you do an in depth video on substrate?

Gaia Aquatic Pets says:

Which is the best in line heater brand?

Tanya Van Stone says:

In my experience, I found that heaters across different brands are not equal. I have a 25w in one 10g aquarium and 50w in the other and the slightly more pricey 25w does a far better job at keeping the temperature in the correct zone. I’ve also had it for several years with no problems. I’ve had to crank the temp to an uncomfortable level to get the the other tank into the correct zone and it’s still a few degrees below the other tank. I wonder if that is why the plants grow slower in the other tank? I am worried about turning it up anymore…

TheRealtalk617 says:

I got a 125 Watt heater in my 20 gallon. I keep my house cool and just like that i have enough power for a 53 Gallon in case i decide to upgrade my tank later..

William Coldrick says:

Most entertaining YouTuber!

Prince Chico says:

Love your channel! Always very helpful content.

Pierre Maurice says:

That’s really great, but I live in a place where sometimes it gets like 120 F° and it becomes 60 F° at other seasons of the year, so what do I do?

Love of Pets says:

Thank you! I never knew their were so many different heaters. I never heard of the in line heater, it’s sounds great.

Bigsmoke says:

I have to use 2 300 watt heaters to keep my 75 gallon at 78 degrees because I keep it in the basement that’s usually around 65 to 70 degrees.

Winona Murray says:

This is actually really helpful the only tip I got from a PetSmart worker was to go up for a heater so it’s not working so hard and the temp is more stable
So for my 10 gallon tank I have a 20 gallon heater… Although I’ve never heard of an inline

Option Master says:

I bought digital heater for like $26 but people are such snobs, they’re all like “oh it must be some cheap Chinese crap” but let me tell you might be cheap but both (100W and 50W) work like a charm.. they display the tank temp. and if you press the button that is located OUTSIDE the tank on the wire, they will show you required temp that you can adjust.. so far both work perfect.. not affiliated just in case someone wanna know

NittanyFins says:

Similar question to Jose’s. I have a 125g and running two canister filters on it. Do you need an in-line heater on each one? If so what wattage and do you have a recommendation for brand to consider?

Katie Games says:

I wish I’d seen this before I bought my heater! It looks like a tube, but doesn’t have a thermostat.

marya783 says:

Great video as always

TheJoseprds99 says:

Just bought a heater
Wish I would have seen this a few hours earlier
Just suscribe

Terri Miller says:

More info and videos of your Axolotl

J-B Exploration says:

I brought a heater a while ago that developed a clicking noise when it turned on two days later the clicking became constant. I panicked a threw the heater in the bin. Does anyone know what it means when a heater starts to click consistently?

Demon Prince says:

Any suggestions for inline heaters for a large arrowan community tanka ?

Maia Lulu says:

Honestly using a bigger watt heater then what you need saves you money and make sure you get one that shuts off on its own they’re great❤️ love this video

Eva B says:

Unimposing as in they are not intimidating to novices, or are you just making fun of their small stature?

Peter Medera says:

Does anyone in North America carry under gravel heaters? Looking for option for an invert tank.

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