How To Select The Best Aquarium Heater | What Is The Best Aquarium Heater

How To Select The Best Aquarium Heater | What Is The Best Aquarium Heater

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Ricky Kenerly Cichlids says:

This time of year the heater can be a life saver for the fish!

Frank's Tanks says:

Love the intro!

Diver joe says:

thank you my man ! great info.!

mr. FELTON says:

I like to place the heater near my filter intake. I think this could help move the heated water around without making an inline water heater. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos.

MASS Aquariums says:

Love Fluval M Series Chrome. Super sleek and practically disapears

DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Hi IFG.. this is great! Having a second heater is great in the event one fails.. good stuff!

The Fish Fanatic says:

You rock that M’s hat!!

bernie grant says:

wow!!!! didn’t know that!!! what type heat control device for you recomend??

Drea Parks says:

I always enjoy your videos… Thank you! I have always stayed with fluval, in most of my aquariums only brand I use. E series have been good to me…. I should look up to see what the newest and greatest are….

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