How To: Selecting the Right Heater for Your Aquarium (TechDen Guide)

How to calculate the litres of your tank:

In centimeteres

Width X Height X Depth / 1000 = L of your tank


There are a number of things to consider when selecting a heater for your aquarium – everything from the type of fish you’ll be keeping, plants, coral, and more. Maintaining the right temp in your aquarium can make or break you tank, so we’ve put together this guide to help you pick the correct heater for your tank.

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Rohit Dalawai says:

I have 5 gallon fish tank and i fix 100w heater in the tank. How much temperature i have to set for my tank. Now i set it into 28. Is it good or bad for my fish tank. Plz answer me quickly.

Michael Player says:

i got a eheim and it wont turn off straight from the box . reading up on forums this is a common problem

John Cutesack says:

This expensive aqaristic objects not justify their prices

Murali D says:

How to choose the heater for pond

Louise Kazzam says:

Would a eheim jäger 200 w be suitable for a 200 litre tank or what oils you recommend

phillip krikorian says:

i hate that you use liters in the ..u.s. we use gal. not litters..i wish all you people would use it or explain when you talk using litters and then say what it is in gal. thank you

Unknown User says:

Should I wait half hr before turning on the heater when getting a new heater for the heater to get the right temp?

Matthew. I want to win the starter kit. White says:

Great work John, TECHDEN is Awesome

Rico Suave says:

Ehiem or cobalt aquatics is the way to go

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