How to Set Up, Install, and Calibrate your Eheim Jager Heater |

Thomas walks us through the basics of the Eheim Jager Heaters!

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Rick Barg says:

I’m no Expert but when you put the heater in your tank let it acclimate to the water Temperature,as plugging it in rite away my crack the glass.

Waxy Parsnips says:

Don’t forget to mention (and note) where that funny “U” shaped thing is positioned 78 & 83 degrees (respectively) in accordance to the numbers on the blue dial.. This is critical and overlooked in this video.
The smaller red pointer on the back of the heater is limited to which way it can move and if the blue dial is moved PRIOR to calibrating from the two #’s mentioned above, it should be “RE- placed” back in this is the factory position PRIOR to calibrating.
IMO, EHIEM should have permanently calibrated this heater and if the customer does have to RE Calibrate their EHEIM Jager, you BEST have a second back-up heater in place and working prior to having to spend hours if not a few days trying to properly calibrate this heater.. This heater scores a 3 in my opinion.

richard negron says:

question so you state that using to heaters for a large tank what would you recommend for a 90 gallon tank one heater or two, and also what wattage would you recommend per heater thanks

whooptie2doo says:

Hi . I just got the 150 watt version for my 200 liter tank . And no matter what i do it keeps heating all the time . It doen’t help turning the blue dial. I wait for ten minuttes every time i adjust and have tried turning it all the way to each side . And it keeps warming and doesn’t turn off? The temperature is about 28c . Room temperature is 21 c. And i don,t have any lights turned on atm . Is it broken or i,m i doing something wrong ?

John Hawk says:

Great demo thanks!

Rudy Ramos says:

NEVER remove your heater while plugged in. Unplug and let it remain in aquarium for 15 minutes before removing.

Richard James says:

Thanks for the informative video Thomas. But Eheim make a very poor job in their heater quality, at least their newer models. I like their filters and pumps, but their heaters now are absolute trash.

Manzo Azul says:

You Should Do A Video On How To Frag Corals

Star Breeze says:

Hey Thomas do you have an angel fish in your aquarium? And this video is great.

LaLaObeRoT says:

Why does he scream?

Tristan Stephen says:

great vid

D Leal says:

Can this be used in outdoor pond/ tub? I would hate for it to melt the liner.

Uptown Girl says:

currently have an ich problem, and didn’t know how to calibrate heater (was using red dial for temp). this video was extremely beneficial for a dummy tutorial, left me satisfied and saved a few bucks. thank you!

matthew o'dea says:

well I just bought a brand new jager 125 watt n it wont turn off it sticks on I turned it to 18 tank was 26 n its heated it ti 30.4 so not using it best heater there no good
it cost me over £20 iv had 3 heaters fail n 3 weeks a brand new eheim jager a 6 month old marina we water in it and a 200watt Trixie 8 month old one with mist in it and thee jagers u can oney calabrate them by 1 degree

BetoMartinez says:

hello, my heater it’s always on and cant reach the right temperature.

Tiago Ouro says:

Can the heater be in a horizontal position? Like in the bottom of the aquarium?

Rick Barg says:

The same one you got

oscar Tan says:

hi everyone.. I wanna ask: how long the heater should be turn on, in case to heal my fish from ‘white spot’? I mean, should it turn on along the day or what? Thank you very much

Aldo Fernandes Azevedo says:

50w is good for 22l?

Kary N says:


matthew o'dea says:

best heater iv ever had is a fluval m100 oney 1 degree off n works a dream


Thanks…that was the simplest instructional yet…

Tina Bloomfield says:

Love these…I use them for all of my tanks

Mark's Ark Aquarium's says:

Every heater I’ve bought say’s put in tank for 30mins before plugging in.Unplug heater for 30min before taking out.Does the ehiem heater instructions say different?I Like the calibration feature.Fish On

Jack Zhang says:

Cheap thermal meter doesn’t mean it will be unreliable.

the new fish guy says:

I Fucking hate this Heater if your new to fish I definitely don’t recommend it coming from a new keeper myself

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