Hygger Submersible Quartz Glass Aquarium Heater Review with Ani Confetti

Quick review of the Hygger Heater for fish tanks

You can find this item on Amazon.com


Hygger offers 50, 100, 200 and 300 watt heaters.

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Mary Beth Mabe says:

Ani Confetti! it is great to see you! Good review, Sorry that you lost a loved pet, and yes please do some more vids in the future! cutie Turbo baby too!

The Budget Aquarist says:

Keep an eye out for good deals on heaters on Amazon. I often purchase half a dozen 100 watters right in that $10 range. They don’t go bad very often, but when they do it is nice to have one readily available for use. As long as they are adjustable, I have never had a problem, even with the most obscure name either I have purchased.

Matthew Moore Cichlids says:

Heaters are SO scary to me. Ever since I lost my lil Ocellatus ive only used Fluval and Ehiem Jager. That’s cool that Mrs.Turbo Fish is involved!

Andrew Piorkowski says:

Is it adjustable? Sorry you lost one of your creatures, never easy no matter how many you have.

Sam Melyanets says:

Seems like a good heater

Arnold Gutiérrez says:

How can you check what is the temperature of the water if this heather doesn’t have a way to tell you ?

Joe Munoz says:

Looks like a good heater

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