Inside a cheap eBay aquarium heater. (100w version)

Some items are worth buying on eBay just for one part. In this case an aquarium heater comes with a neat 100W spiral heating element inside it. Or, as mentioned in the video, the whole heater could be mounted through the side of an enclosed tank with a suitable sealing gland to act as a low power heating element with a rugged glass body. The wattages available are typically 50, 100, 200 and 300W with the main difference being the length of the heater section.

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BoozeTasting says:

I use them to keep beer brewing at the right temperature

mohammed yousif says:

you should twist the thermostat 180* before connected it to the heater , this way it will not touch the tube. because
the black piece in the middle has 2 hole and their position not exactly in the center.

ItHappensInHell says:

Love your channel, keep doing what you do 🙂

Yorick Hunt says:

Hmmm… Why does popping an eBay heater into an aquarium immediately bring the song “fried fish for dinner, fried fish for tea” to mind?

Higher-Ground Farm says:

How about a heated poultry waterer. It would have to shut off when it got emptied.

dave Scopes says:

So if the heater eliment is taken off and a light bulb is connected to it could it be used externally. Not in water. Say as an incubator for hatching eggs. ?. Thanks in advance.

Kevin l. says:

It looks like it could be another, “Male hole warmer”, as in a previous video!

Hakan Koseoglu says:

When we were kids once our aquarium heater failed and cooked all of the fish in it….

Frazer Mountford says:

Can it be used as a male hole warmer?

thehappylittlefox aka benji says:

yes I was thinking of using one for warming up the old ferric chloride I tried warming it up with a bulb but the copper wire got eaten up well it would wouldn’t it !

Marilyn Kurman says:

So this is a 220v heater? What would happen if it is hooked up to 110v?

Fred Ooijevaar says:

i think you can use this in youre disstiller

dirkbonesteel says:

Is that a gay porn video ad next to the heated tubular 8 inch object? Ebay needs a talking to

Aliaskei Kudrautsau says:

Could you measure the diameter and the length of the glass tube on this?

I’ve just ordered a very similar looking guy for an etching tank and making a drawing to get acrylic laser cut to make the tank and need to know the diameter of the whole in the tank to fit the tube. Is it exactly 22 mm in diameter as they state in ebay listings?

Thanks for the great review! Looks like this particular heater is a good candidate for enchant heating being so modular and easy to replace the thermostat go get a higher temperature.

Rotten Feather says:

you are great make more

Melissa Toh says:

It is good or bad product?

lol101 triggered says:

I have one of these a 25w heater for $6 not bad and a 50w for 15

KevsoldLandy says:

I think I might have the perfect repurposing idea for these things. I shall look into using one as a controlled heat source for my home brewed beer. They are, after all, very similar to the horrendously expensive items that are sold in home brew shops.

Ron Thompson says:

Anyone no of that’s a u k model or a u s model ,I no I use to use one for more years than I remember ,no problems,it was u.l. approved .who h is what you need to sell in the u.s.,I am sure the u.k.,has something ,similar.

al35mm says:

Just a couple of obvious ideas; thermal but plug/dildo/tampon warmer for those long winter months, or a submergible home brew heating element?

Question Everything says:

Could be re-purposed as a fish-death-ocutor

Dave N says:

I use it to keep my 35 gallon water tank warm. Been working non-stop for more than 5 years now. Submersible heater.

Myles Nicholas says:

I used a 140 Watt unit to keep my homebrew at 25C, excellent white sparkling wine it was.

g0fvt says:

Very useful for warming ferric chloride, for PCB etching

Mihai Vasiliu says:

would it work to be used as a ferric chloride heater?

tails gaming says:

i remember when i was a kid i saw one and i was cleaning the tank out so i puled it out by the cord and grabbed the heating element OUCH

trent ryan says:

in my experience aquarium heaters either break easily or last forever

wichid cichlid says:

it’s like toaster coils in a glass tube….I have one exactly like this and no problems with it, YET

Ryan Snyder says:

I bought a cheap aquarium pump from fleebay once.. Worked great, until the day it stopped working and I stuck my hand in the water to find out why.. I got really lucky with that shock :/ I believe it tricked the GFI on the shock, but I didn’t know much about electricity at the time so I just startled.

Sen Exotics says:

mine has broken glass, so i removed it. can i still use it for my roaches colony? will the automatic temp works if sets at 30 degrees?

Debbie Schulte says:

I have a few of the and work just fine for the money. I just can’t spending $ 30.00 or more for a name brand.

Casey Watkins says:

i have an aquarium heater that didnt really work from day one and never took it back. kinda suck

MrBrymstond says:

Nichrome wire

Neo-Bro says:

Would a cheap one actually be alright in a tank?

Thomas McDougall says:

try the underwater Chinese led air line from eBay i had got one and water got in through the glued end cap and fried all my fish! just saw this video and the led air line had the exactly the same plug . and it wasn’t a sealed unit for a fish tank water can easily make it’s way down the wire straight into the plug mains

David Hoekje says:

Thanks as always for your projects. A couple thoughts. The magnet on the bi-metalic thermostat not only gives positive action to the contacts, it also determines the temperature differential. When I’ve mis-applied such appliances as this for space heating I’d use two of them in series to drop the watt density and reduce fire concerns and such.

Jamie Weston says:

i really like learning from you and listening to you. you’re awesome man! i wish you were around for a lot of my projects so i could ask you for advice and whatnot haha 😛 🙂 – james

Slot1Gamer says:

hardcore pink toy warmer!

Isaac C Love says:

ohh I was hoping you’d read the box! sometimes they’re so interesting!

dirkbonesteel says:

Beware any glass tube heater if you have any large fish. My fresh water iridescent shark easy smashed a good one with his tail. There was no short protection at all and it still somehow worked. That’s a bad thing Now I run everything threw GFI and use only plastic tube heaters

eraldorh says:

Can i heat up my bath water with this?

Selwyn Bore says:

brew heater?

Ed19601 says:

I have that one and for a moment I was afraid Clive would figuratively tear it to shreds. Glad to see it got the OK

Deserthunter Mike says:

They get hot enough to crack and break the glass tube in only a few minutes, they must be underwater!

kimuseni says:


nzhotpepper says:

I think you’ll find that device is for heating the inside of ones anus……

Sarah Clark says:

Hi BigC,

One of the boys in my class has one of those heating tubes and he is making a gizmo for making circuit boards with brown liquid. He thinks it will make circuit boards faster if the liquid is hot. I told him he should have made hair curlers instead.

I am making a circuit to dim the lights in my dolls house, I don’t really play with it any longer but I still like it. I am using a 555 timer in a pulse with mode, I don’t know what that is at the moment but my teacher is going to show me how it works. I would rather do something that looks nice when it’s finished. That brown liquid is something only a boy would mess around with.

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