My Aquarium heater BROKE help! Do not use it anymore! | Jay Wilson

My Aquarium heater BROKE help! Do not use it anymore! | Jay Wilson Learn when and how to use aquarium heaters.


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About Jay Wilson:
Hi My name is Jay Wilson and I am an avid African cichlid keeper and owner of NorthFinUSA. I love Keeping Fish and educating folks on how to keep a crystal clear aquariums along with helping Fishkeepers get started in the fish hobby. When I am not messing with Cichlids I am playing with my son and spending time with family. I currently keep Shell Dwellers, African cichlid Predator Haps, Peacocks along with angels, betta, tetras and cory cats. My dream tank would be a massive lake Tanganyika community tank that I am working on currently. Follow me on my fish keeping journey and do not forget to follow me on Instagram!
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Corvus Oscen says:

My heater still works, but muy house is broken…

W4RD1N8ER says:

In winter we have minus 40 degrees celcius skin freezing in less than 2 minutes in the summer we have plus 40 degrees celcius in Fahrenheit that’s bloody hot! We have two extremes where I live having fish tanks is a second job almost with this going on but winter is easy the heater is your best friend it just does not get much of a workout in the summer I set it lower and let the AC help keep the temp for the summertime. I have a Reed tank also so I started making adjustments in spring with my ac on it stays a perfect 80 Fahrenheit

Icharis P says:

I have started using a heater as my tank without heater sits at 72-73. I have added a heater and a controller and have the tank sitting at 78-79. controller is the way to go!!!!

Steve C. says:

Living in Florida doesn’t keep a tank warm. The a/c is running all day blowing cool air into fans that circulate the air and keep it at 72 73 degrees. I have to use a heater as I have lost fish to cold water sickness. I use a cobalt heater control with an ebo jager heater. African cichlids do not do well in cold tanks. My controller has failed but with a separate temp gauge I was able to notice my tank went up to 90 over night even tho my controller thought it was 80. It still keeps a constant temp but I had to recalibrate it by putting in two thermometers and set the controller to the to 70. That holds my water at around 80. I got that number by using my two thermometers and since they are a difference of 4 degrees I just figure the actual temp is in the middle. My glass thermometer reads 78 or 79 and my digital reads 82.5 so I’ve used a third from my other tank and go 81 so I figure its 80 hopefully. The controller kicks the heater on if the water on the controller hits 68. So it definitely maintains the temperature. It’s just not an exact science and takes alot of checking. I have terrible luck when it comes to disease, tanks, and equipment. None of my equipment last very long. Not usually more than 2 years. New tanks leak, heaters never work right so a controller is absolutely a necessity when using a heater. They always get stuck on without fail. The old stuff lasted much longer than today’s products.

Ben Ochart says:

Almost warm enough here to go without but then again we do run the a/c from time to time.
My heaters are set at 85 and my controller at 78. Let’s me raise temp if I want to and provides two levels of safeguard against frying my fish.
Good topic, thanks.

ShelbyRae Lane says:

I have had too many heater failures from various manufacturers to trust then to run as they are supposed to out of the box. Thanks for spreading the words of wisdom

Damian Bloodstone says:

I’ve never used one. I’ve kept a betta in an environment temperature controlled tank at between 72-74 degrees. He was happy and lived seven years.

A Gamer's Wife says:

Thanks for the reminder! live in a cooler climate and definitely need a header, but hadn’t purchased a heater controller yet. Going Amazon shopping now…


Yes I am from Chicago I don’t need Heather in Summer time And very important in the Winter time

jack jill says:

We have our heaters set just below room temp. They only run during the winter months when the room temp starts getting below 70′ at night.
They are very useful during water changes also, helps bring the new water temp up if needed. Which is also mostly during the winter months.
Excellent video!!!! Paying attention to what is going on is key.

lou9294 says:

Thanks for the info my friend really appreciate it


I’m in California I definitely don’t need a heater

James Wilson says:

Been using ehim heaters for 20 plus yrs…still have the originals…I’d say they stood the test of time. Never a single problem

HalfMan HalfCichlid says:

Temperature controllers are a must. A GFI outlet will shut down power to a cracked or failed heater preventing electrical damage or worse.

Fish Keeping Jamaica says:

Hi Jay, would like you to appear on my channel ” the spot” series aired on Saturday evenings. email me at Let me know what you think.

TM Aquatics says:

+1 for heater controllers

DawnLoves Fishies says:

I’m terrified of aquarium heaters! ☠

Fish R Relaxing says:

Everyone with a half decent tank with modest filtration should be spending $30 on a heater controller. As heaters are the weak link in every tank everywhere fresh or salt I would even recommend replacing heaters yearly. I do this and I only buy high dollar name brand heaters.. I don’t even do it to preserve my fish.. I do it cause I don’t want a fire in one of my kids rooms in the middle of the night and I don’t want a fire anywhere while at work killing my dogs and cats… I don’t care if you spend $5 or $500 on your heater, the size of it, the size of the tank, how much it actually has to heat or any combination you can think of for a heater… use a controller and any tank 60g or larger should be running two heaters with one set a few degrees lower then the other as backup. 90% of hearers use a thermal switch that is prone to failure.. after X amount of cycles it will start to fail. It can fail and stick in a normally open or normally closed configuration meaning it can stick on heat or off positions in a 50/50 chance. Most stick in the open (off position) as that’s where the heater spends most of its time.. however it’s honestly just a roll of the dice how it sticks.. takes 10s to google and find thousands of failure where it stuck on heat and caused a fire and burned down a house. For me.. $30 isn’t worth losing my house, or the life of one of my kids or other animals.. anyone who can spend $200 to setup a 20g with good filtration and lighting can surely afford another few dollars for a controller..

KG cichlids says:

Hammer time! Woooohhh! Yeah I have turn the heater down a bit but not much, I got the ac running quite a bit…

Brads Tropics says:

I lost my first heater this past winter keeping temp at 82 in a fry tank. Hind sight why did I even bother. But here in sunny Fla I learned fish keeping with no heaters, and most tanks stay flat lined at 80. That took some getting use to, too. Great thought provoking video. You dun good.

Arghadip Ghosh says:

Cool video as always.

Zach Walker says:

Something to consider about a necessity of a heater.

Are you doing very large water changes?

Are you using cold water to re fill those aquariums?

When you clean your canisters are you filling those with cold water?

At some point a heater will get that cold water back to the desired temperature.

This Is Not A Rant says:

Been in the fish keeping hobby for about 7 years, never bought a aquarium heater ever

Cichlids23 says:

Hot as a mofo here in the summer, so I unplug them in early to mid June

TheCustomx78 says:

Good video. I have heaters in all my tanks with a controller but those only kick on in the winter since I’m in Vegas.

VaginalProtrusionOfTheCystFilledLabia Labia says:

I hate heaters and im scared to use them. i touched a heater once and it burned me . my fish also seem to hate the heater , it makes my cichlids get angry and more aggressive.

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