My Aquarium Heater of Choice, Dont Use Aqueon!

Heaters are one of the most important and dangerous parts of your aquarium. A bad heater can freeze your fish, boil them or worse yet cause a house fire.

What heater do I recommend? After many years of fish keeping Ehiem Jager just has to be the best. I tried Aqueon in a pinch and MISTAKE.


houseohuber says:

Finnex titanium tube heaters with temperature controller are my heaters of choice. I can regulate the thermostat outside the aquarium, set the controllers to alarm if the temp goes below or above my desired temperature. The best feature is the auto shutoff so the tank can not over heat.

Ronald Rubin says:

Ok guys, I m setting up a 55 gal tank, so what brand and wattage do you recommend? Thanks Ron R

Exotic Cichlids says:

I use 2 Aqueon pros, I like them best, robust, no glass and temp never changes. I also have a few fluvals and are great too. Some Chinese ones too. Eheim was my worst one, first one got stuck at 79… worst knobs too.

Something Fishy Juno says:

Woahhh 96 deg! Damn!


Yes I agree with u best heaters out there

Jacob Chrem says:

Great video! I’ve used the regular aqueon heaters for years and they only recently went bad on me. The temperature was inaccurate and one of them got stuck at a 84 F and I couldn’t adjust it what so ever. I then upgraded to the aqueon pros they are much much better then the regular aqueon heaters. Way more durable and more accurate. So in my experience not all aqueon heaters are bad you just gotta make sure you get the pro heaters instead of the regular ones. Also do you have an aquarium instagram account?

Nick Marquez says:

I have about 4 eheim jagar spares. Eheim canister filters also.

Ronald Rubin says:

Ok guys, I m setting up a 55 gal tank, so what brand and wattage do you recommend? Thanks Ron R

Fond Of Fish says:

Just found your video, really good info here! Kinda makes me wish I hadn’t gone out and purchased one of these Aqueons now lol. Their Pro line of heaters are good I hear. I too am running an Eheim Jager in a 40B and love it. Would also say that Fluval makes good ones too. Filtration isn’t so important I mean after all you can DIY your own and get reliability easily and cheap, but I’ve learned the hard way with some ebay heaters that you should never skimp on them! Thanks for the video, new subscriber for sure.

Something Fishy Juno says:

Nice. I’ve always used eheim. 🙂

whaczup says:

I had an aqueon get stuck in high so i rewired it to $15 digital thermostat. Works great.

Darkslide says:

Aqueon Pro is the best heater aqueon makes.

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