Review of great choice preset fish heater

If you’re interested in buying this heater maybe check out this video first. In short, it’s a good heater during winter or cold times but during warmer months the water gets to hot and you have to unplug it because the heaters constantly on, leaving your fish in colder than 78 degrees


Gaming Secptile says:

Your cooking your fish!

Matthew Xia says:

take the fish out of the water you doi

Rebecca Orange says:

I purchased this product today and I put it in my fish tank and it is taking forever to heat up even when I touch that actually heater it isn’t even warm it takes forever to actually heat the water up also

Jimmy Jr says:

This thing sucks it never heats up I hate waste of money time and will kill your fish so good luck

WildWindAnimals says:

Poor Neil. he’s one of my favorite bettas you have. I hope he makes it!

Carolinagirl1028 says:

I highly recommend an adjustable heater that you can set the temperature for, you can find them for around $15-$20 on Amazon. However, I will say I have this heater in one of my tanks now while I am waiting for the other heater I ordered to come in and thankfully I have found a way to keep this heater from over heating my tank. All you need is an outlet timer that allows you to program when the heater comes on and goes off through out the day. These can be found at Walmart and cost around $3. You do have to play with it to find the right combination for your tank. In my 3.5 gallon tank I have found if I have it on come on 30 minutes and then have it turn off for 30 minutes continuously throughout the day it keeps the water at 78 degrees. Just wanted to pass this along in case it may help someone else who has a problem with these preset heaters over heating their tanks.

Ray Suazo says:

hi is it normal if i cant feel the heat when i touch the heater

The life of a Cowboy says:

I keep my males Betta tank at 82 degrees and he acts just fine

Jessy Dee says:

My feeesh r at 22°c (room temp)

Crazy fish says:

I’m not trying to offend you or any thing but are you a boy or a girl I’m guessing boy because your name leonarwal

pichum4st3r says:

Yeah. You should avoid heaters that do not have thermostats.

Amelia Woodard says:

Maybe you can try the Tetra 50 watt submersible heater for 2-10 gallons. I don’t have it yet but it has good reviews and is only 10$

Avery Menix says:

Can you do more minecraft episodes?

Vivian Foster says:

I noticed Petco stuff is really overpriced. If your M&D have an Amazon account – you can look into buying stuff there, much much cheaper. I got an Aquatop heater for $13 which has an auto temp shut off. Works nicely. I also buy the Deep Blue filters too.

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