Review of the National Geographic 10w Aquarium Heater

It’s been approximately one week since I gave my betta Draco his new heater. Here are my thoughts today! (Filmed December 21).

Didn’t see the unboxing and installation of this heater? Don’t worry, here’s the link:

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Mariya Azhar says:

hi, I really enjoy your videos and bettas. do you still use these heaters in your 5 gallon tanks? thanks 🙂

Sre_ Rich says:

but a 50 gallon tank in petsmart when they have doller for gallon and havaly havaly plant it and put 2 of your betta in it

Silly Bettas says:

U should do some breeding resersh and think about breeding

Kaempfer M says:

I like this review. I’ve tried most of the small submersible heaters out there for my bettas, and I have to say the National Geographic 10 watt heater is the best. It heats the water up to about 78-80 degrees F., and maintains it there. In a very warm room, it will raise it to 82 F maximum, and in a cool to cold room, up to 76-77 F. I like the light indicator too, and the fact that it has a thermostat to maintain a consistent temperature. I tried other small heaters too—the Aqueon 10 watt is okay, but it tends to heat up a bit more (up to 82 F. in an average temperature-room). The 8 watt Marina, however, is NOT good heater. Despite its slightly lower wattage, it raised the temperature of my 2.5 gallon betta tank too quickly and too warm—85 F. plus (!), and it still kept heating without stopping! Luckily I caught it in time and unplugged the heater before it got too hot. The best small heater for bettas, therefore, in my opinion, is the 10 watt National Geographic. There is one in my Fluval Spec betta tank that has been working fine without any problem for the past two years.

GMF215 Foti says:

Hello, where did you purchase this heater from? Haven’t been able to find online or in stores.

Kierston King says:

can u have that heater in a tetra floating starter kit 1.5 gallon cube that I payed for at Walmart and where can I find one

Dakota Waldrop says:

Would this work for a 3 gallon?

Kate V says:

Hi i just have one more question not relating to this heater, but i few days after I got my better fish he got 2 slight tears in his fin on his side that he swims with (sorry i don’t know what thats called) and it is not fin rot and that was before I got a heater but i also had a plastic plant in his tank… I was wondering if you think it was the water or plant? Also, what can I do to heal it or will it heal over time?

Sofia N says:

Someone please help…I bought my 3 gallon tank from someone and it came with the heater that you have? Will it be ok…it might be too cold

Kate V says:

Hi i have been looking for a review on this ever since I got it just to make sure it works. First of all you did a great job on the review! I just have a few questions so 1) can u put your finger in the water to see the temperature while the heater is on? 2) Do you know how long the heater takes to warm up all the way?

Alondra Torres says:

Hi… I like your review!. I have a question. A betta can get sick if he have daily water temperature changes?…
Thank you.

Gina Vicentijevic says:

I was recently thinking about buying this heater and I know that it does automatically turn off when the water is at the proper temperature, but does it turn on automatically when the water temperature decreases?

Amanda4NC says:

Hi I know this is an older video but I just got this heater yesterday and I curently have my betta (Mr. Limpet) in a tall half gallon tank do you think I could put this heater in my current tank ps I have upgraded to a 2.5 gallon tank but I will not be able to put him in it till the 15th or 16th of August. I love your videos and your channel.

J Garcia says:

Would this heater be ok for a 3.5 gallon aquarium thank you.

Brittany Gonzales says:

did they discontinue this I can’t find this heater any where

Danny's Aquariums says:

Hi what is the name of youre editingprogram?

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