Tetra HT10 Heater Review – Aquarium Worthless Award



Alpha Wrath says:

I have two of these types of heaters, each in a 10 gallon tank, have had them going on a year now with no issues at all so far. But only time will tell. If anything happens, I’ll return with an update lol.

ghostrot says:

5w per gallon in use 1 300w jager/eheim for 240 gallon

nsane992002 says:

I’ve used the 30 gallon version of this heater and it will keep a 20 gallon steady at 78 if you have a lid and put it in decent water flow. But they aren’t my favorite, I got a little bit of an upgrade with an adjustable thermostat up to 86+.

BigSwamp504 #CTC says:

So long as I used it in my 10gallom aquarium I had no issues with it but anything larger forget it, all my aquariums now are 55 – 150 gallons now

Mitchell McFishell says:

I threw an HT10 in my betta tank a week ago and my water hasn’t been able to go above 74 :'( It’s a best seller on Amazon because of the price for sure

relic turtle says:

My fav. Heater is the ehiem adjustable. personally I also have used lots of the h10 tetra heater. H10s I have noticed their temp is within .8 degrees + -. Out of all the heaters I have had the ehiem and the h10 are best for me but the heaters I hate are the aqueon and the top fin heaters they are garbage each one of those broke but haven’t had any issues with the multiple h10s they have been running for over 2 yrs and less for the aqueon and the top fins heaters I had to replace and the rest of my tanks I’ve had for over 10years they are not heated

Matthew Kelly says:

I didn’t know Betta Fish Keepers was your group, man, that’s awesome. I post and comment there all the time.

Yeah, this heater is useless.

I always tell people with small aquariums to get the Uniclife 25 watt adjustable, it’s the same size as the HT-10 and you can set the temp. It works much better than any other heater of the same size, and it’s around $12 on Amazon usually.

EDIT – I’ve never had a terrible experience with the HT-10 but I did stop using it on a 3.5g betta tank in 2016 when it literally stopped heating the water. The light came on and said it was heating but the actual water temp was ambient room temp, which was definitely NOT good for the betta who was in there because the room was about 68 degrees.

On a brighter note I got him a better heater that day and slowly raised temps, he’s been happy (in a 5g tank) ever since. Kept at 79 degrees. I have about 30 other bettas as well.

FiSHioN TaNkTiCS says:

I’ve got one so far it works. Thanks for the info.

lynchfourtwenty says:

i have that heater in a 5 gal and its currently only 75 degrees in the tank, i’ll def be gettin somethin better.

Tox927 says:

I’ve got the 50 watt version in a 3 gallon betta tank with a thermostat tape on the side that reads 78 degrees consistently.

Gerald Wallace says:

Sadly most heaters…even really expensive heaters…are generally only able to RELIABLY raise aquarium temps 3 to 6 degrees above ambient. Serious hobbyists use heater controllers for the best results. I agree with your assessment on the HT10 but I would also add that any non adjustable heater is junk.

Hunter says:

I personally have 2 of the 25 watt ones I bought them knowing they were weaker. It was a good option cause I couldn’t find one I trust and had fish already. I’ve noticed the one in a 2.5 actually does the job well. I think the issue with these is that they are under powered. Personally testing a 50watt zacro ATM

Dig Bick, You that read wrong says:

Lol HYDOR heaters have way worse reviews than the HT10, and I think the HT10 sucks.

Tank Boss Aquatics says:

That heater sucks. Just pay the extra money and get a better brand so you dont have to worry about your fish dying.

Mark strange says:

I never buy tetra heaters, I only buy marineland or aquatop that’s just me

Fish Tropic says:

Doesn’t that one also burn out if you don’t unplug it when water is low . Fuze blows ✊

JustMyFish says:

A good small heater is the Zoopet 30w It’s great for fry tanks so should be good for a Betta tank. It’s only £8.00. Not a big brand but very reliable had one for 2 years now no problems.

Eddy Edwards says:

That heater is garbage had a few never seems to work. I always used visi therm and they were great but they seemed to have changed something a few years ago and they never worked right. I use eheim now

Matt’s Fish Keeping says:

I have that heater

Noah Fagello says:

I have used this heater for 8+ months and am now worried that my fish will be cooked. What heater would be the correct heater for a fluval spec V I really want it to fit in the slot also

Jose Montalvo says:

Thank you for the heads up on the piece of junk. I’ve lost fish to water heaters that would never turn off. Tetra company, Please Pat attention to your base product consumers!

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