Tetra HT10 Submersible 50 Watt Heater

As the gold starts to set in, my fish room is cooling as well. I was still short one heater for a 5 gallon guppy tank, so I ordered another Tetra HT10 submersible 50 Watt Heater. I like the simplicity of these heaters.

Tetra HT10 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2faFPA7


Timmy Johnson says:

Bought one of these today and mine does not have a light? Is this a new feature?

Maximus Aquatics says:

I use the same heaters in my quarantine / med tanks, seem to work well. Review was nicely done. What editing software do you use / recommend? Being that you’re in the industry your opinion carries some weight. Also many thanks for the sub, you are #500, big thanks for that.

Personalized Gamer says:

3:47 that’s what she said

Michelle Powers says:

The red light keeps turning on and off. Will this product crack or explode or something??? I’m nervous of having it in there and it not working

R Ross says:

Do these have to be completely submerged or can part of the top be sticking out of the water? Thanks.

Cameron L says:

Will this make the water too warm if I put it in a 1.5 gallon tank?

Chris S says:

I was just wondering what the name of the pump/filter you have in your guppy tanks is called.

Patty Bell says:

thanks gor reply patty bell from minnesota

Patty Bell says:

do I need one for 5 gallon tank for tetra neons fish how many fish can I get 5 to 6 great video please respond

Sham Shannon says:

hey i just got one of these and it heated my tank to 92 F overnight. do you think it could just be a faulty heater?

Mark Cena says:

Is this different from the tetra submersible heater? Because thats all i can find in stores around me.

Jenny Star says:

Hi I was wondering if the tetra heater would be safe on a acrylic tank? I need a heater for my 3 gallon.

SkidMark133 says:

Hey what is that floating plant stuff you use for your fry called?

Hailey says:

i bought the heater today abd the red light wont turn on. please help

Ethan Davies says:

My red light turns off on mine in about 30 seconds any reason why?

galaxy star says:

Can I use crazy glue to glue my suction cups back on? My heaters suction cups fell and idk how to put the back!

bruh broski says:

Hi, i was wondering if your tetra heaters have condensation inside the glass compartment? i have a tetra heater and mine has condensation but is working fine

Patty Bell says:

do tetras need heaters

Kenisha Mackins says:

this guys eyes are so pretty lol

Eric Amezcua says:

I have the same heater but the red light turns off after 30 seconds but like why ;(

Deon 0026 says:

hey man fish room looks great! i also use those in my smaller tanks it does the job! great video thanks for sharing

Karla Hernandez says:

can I use that heater for my turtles tank?

Brian and Xman's Aquariums says:

thanks for sharing

DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Hey Tony.. I like those little heaters.. I agree they are cheap but they are all you need. I have found my “good” heater blow out just as fast. Great vid.. good info.. stuff many don’t think about. Have a great hump day! I love that you are back and loving it.. cause I am!

Bradyn Tinker productions says:

my red light keeps turning off

Benny Castillo Moreno my small fish tank says:

Wow I pick mind up from Walmart what you are talking about

Chris Fish Room says:

My heater is red and its not heating I’ve been waiting for 30 min for the water to heat.

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