Unboxing Marina Mini 50 Watt Aquarium Heater

My first public video…be gentle. 🙂 Future content will be of better quality. I really wanted to go ahead and post a video and stop talking myself out of it. I’ve recorded tons Of videos with the intention of posting them, but I get stuck in my own brain and talk myself out of if. Not this time! So here it is…raw and unedited to get my feet wet.

This is the Marina Mini 50 watt aquarium heater. I just got this today, so I’ll hopefully post a review of it in a week or so.

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Aline Barcellos says:

Hi, I just bouth one of these, and i got used to the lack of markup in degrees, i wonder if yours still looks good without problems in the operation? thx, i’m from Brazil

Tom Hebblethwaite says:

Hi my water in my fish tank has gone a little bit cloudy some people are saying leave it and some people are saying do a 20 % water change what is the best thing to do ?

Tom Hebblethwaite says:

Ok I did a 20 % water change today and I’ve only had this aquarium up and running for 5 days and the water went cloud on the 4th day and it started to smell the 5 th day witch is today and there’s a lot of condensation on my hood

Tom Hebblethwaite says:

How do u set the temperature on this

Tom Hebblethwaite says:

And could this harm my fish

Mimi's Aquatic Addiction says:

Really love the intro. Very informative. Thank you.

Fraankie Dee says:

I just bought one of theae except its 25w. There is no temperature markings on it. How do I know if it’s going too hot?

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