What Betta Fish Heaters Do We Use?

Heaters for smaller betta fish tanks can be difficult to find. The aquarium heaters in this video we have found to be reliable and easy to use. The Marina Betta heater is listed for tanks 1.5 gallons and under but we are using it in our betta tanks that are 2.5 gallons and it works well. We use the Zacro heater in the 10 gallon tanks and they do a great job. Betta fish need heater, they are tropical fish and need temperatures between 78-82f.

Marina Betta Heater http://amzn.to/2kE24PD
Zacro heater. http://amzn.to/2keH1F0

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Khatera Naibi says:

I have a 3 gallon tank..which heater do you suggest?

Greetje Buijert-Nijdam says:


DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Hi … I really like the Marina cubes… good products!

Altzercrast says:

I have the Zacro Heater is Works great. Mine tends to heat up more than it is set at so like 78 it warms to 82 So I usually set it at 76.

CharmingBettas says:

My absolute favorite heater is the Hydor Submersible heater. It is so reliable and efficient, as well as adjustable! I have it in both of my betta tanks. Great video by the way!

Jordan Randell-Tredgett says:

Thank you! Very useful

Random Nes says:

Nice video

Mostly Hungry says:

ive been waiting for this vid

Svartr says:

Greets! I was hoping you could clarify something about the Marina Betta Heater –
I’ve been reading reviews online and most are indicating that this heater does not have an auto shutoff and some have had their tanks overheating above 80F. Have you had any issues with this? What would you recommend doing to ensure a small 1 gallon cube (it’s temporary) doesn’t get too warm?
Thanks in advance!!

Reggie's H&P Cichlids says:

Great video and info

Mark Cena says:

I have the submersible thermometer too, but the suction cup on mine got a lot of slimy white stuff on it after a few days. Did this happen to you too? What should i do? (i currently have the thermometer floating around the tank and not in the suction cup.)

eduardo HIdalgo says:

What are the floating plants in the “Disaster tank” called?

Purplesnowball 13 says:

My absolute favorite heater is the Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater. It is preset to 78 degrees, and it has a green light to show its on, and when its actually heating the water, the light is red. It is very cheap (like almost $9 on Amazon), but amazing quality I think. My friend has the Great Choice Mini Aquarium heater from PetSmart, and its horrible in her 2.5. It can get down to 70 degrees in there even when the heater is on. All that to say, if any of you guys are looking for a good heater, I totally recommend the Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater. Also, I live in a climate that gets very cold in the winter. Works amazingly 🙂

dbachelor's Planted Aquarium says:

Limited heater in our country but so far i don’t use any heater because our country is hot. 🙂 Great video

Livin' Life in the TTC says:

FIRST LIKE AND COMMENT!!! YAY!!! YOUR ALMOST AT 5,000!!! Great video life with pets!!! this was very helpful!!! do you have any adivice for healing betta’s fins? My female betta, Mandy has been tail bitting, and the fins aren’t healing on there own!!! IF you an get back to me, please do!!! Thanks!!!

Puppypop 101 says:

Loved the video! And I did see the video from solid gold about the seed shrimps, they are really fascinating!!

Stephanie Nelson says:

Awesome video! You’re so close to 5000 subs!!

veiltailed says:

i use colbalt heaters theyre my favorite big price tag for something i only use a couple months but very reliable

Deon 0026 says:

wow cool video, i was thinking betta fish didnt need filters or heaters. Wal mart that is thoughtme that lol. Love what uou do fish lives matter!

justin johnson says:

House at 80 dang that’s hot I like the house around 70

Miikmik says:

My Betta have a white lump on its side, do you happen to know what that is?

Dimas Fish Diary says:

I thank to God that I life in the tropic. But I do buy heater for the other in my room. If you in Indonesia, Amaria product is better for cheaper price.

EmberInWonderland says:

What are the mushrooms made of ? Is that poly?

Stephanie Oh says:

hello, would you recommend those heaters in plastic tanks? I want to get a heater for my 3.5 gallon tank but I’m not sure if I could use those heaters in plastic tanks.

Pink Bettas says:

Yes! I also watch Solid Gold and her channel is just amazing! I really recommend her channel if anyone is starting to consider to keep goldfish or Bettas. 🙂

Alyssa Trevino says:

its soo cool how u know how to do this

Christopher O'Brien says:

Hello! So, I just got my 2.5 gallon betta tank all set up, but I still have a few questions. One, I currently have a zebra nerite snail and my crowntail betta. I was wondering if I could put anything else in with the snail and betta? Two, After my last water change, my tank has become a bit cloudy. I did a bit of research, and it said that this could be a poor rinse job of the gravel. Lastly, I was a little worried about my betta because he kept sitting in my plants, and on top of my heater. Is this normal? Thanks.

April Cervantes says:

can u do a diy heater bc i cant get one

Chris Wu says:

o hey we use the same heater for the small tanks

Dolphincutie World says:

Great video! You have some good heaters.

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