5 of the Best Values in the Aquarium Hobby

This week I’m talking about 5 products that I think are some of the best values in the aquarium hobby.

Seachem Safe


Beamswork LED light

Python Water Changer

Sun Sun Canister Filter

More products I like can be found here:




Steve Poland Aquatics says:

Seachem Safe


Beamswork LED light

Python Water Changer

Sun Sun Canister Filter

More products I like can be found here:

kexinhu bike says:

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Glen Cadieux says:


paulone65 says:

steve great video I use all the above except the lighting.

Bobby Strausbaugh says:

good tips

Aqua Apprentice says:

I can second the beamswork light. I have a 48″on a 75 gallon and my low light plants do well in it. Can’t beat it for that price and I have had mine for a year now.

Tony Canniffe says:

Great video Steve. I’ve just finished my big bottle of Prime and bag am using Safe. 1kg should last me years. I’d add bulk foam to the list. Way cheaper than buying proprietary foams as replacements in HOBs, internal and canister filters. Just cut to the size and shape required.

Devin Martinolich says:

I agree with all that was said. you really should also include the lack of UL rating on sunsun canisters for US buyers though. the fact that it has a uv light makes it more of a possible fire hazard AND with a lack of UL rating (in the unfortunate event) insurance companies will deny your claim. with that said, I have 3 of them in the US and like them very much. I just hope they don’t fail

Corey Hecker says:

I have 4 of the 5, ill take it! Great vid Steve.

RIPPER334 says:

How are those lights for plants?

George Calderon says:

thanks for sharing I’m buying led beams again thank you so much

jared martin says:

do you have the beamswork led’s in your show tank?

fishead 2925 says:

awesome video Steve, I use 5 out of 5 of these products.

JDO Fishtank says:

love Beamswork lights, I have 3.

Chris Fuller says:

SunSun canisters are def a sleeper. You wouldn’t expect them to be as good as they are for the prices all the differ models sell for.

Red Dirt Cichlids says:

I would have the same top five no kidding great job

HalfMan HalfCichlid says:

Keep in mind that active biological media produces a lot of bacterial detritus. I have measured this and was amazed at the amount.

sagrath1982 says:

Out of the topic but something touched you on 2:40

Adam C says:

great video Steve. I actually use all 5 of these products. I’m really surprised when someone has over 75 gallons of water and uses prime. I think people just start with prime and like it, and don’t care to look into switching

Michael's Fish Room says:

Great video Steve….all great values!

Aussie Soarer says:

I strongly disagree with the uv light not doing much on the SunSun filter. I have a aquaponic system in the garden with 2000 litres (500 gallons) and the water was constantly green (3 inch/90 mm visibility) until I put this filter on it. The difference was amazing, crystal clear water to the bottom of the tanks. You can also turn the light on and off as needed. After 6 months running it I now turn it on for a week and off for about 2 weeks and have not had to service it yet. I also have 3 aquael unimax 700’s in the house for my display tanks and regret not just buying these. $550 vs $150 I wish I had bought all sun sun filters.

wyzemann says:

Seachem Safe is a pure God send! I “roughly” measure my necessary amount by shaking a bit in the cap and tossing it in my tanks as I fill them with water. I used to rely on precise measurements per gallon of water and such. Well, after losing my beloved red-tailed black shark (Epalzeorhynchos Bicolor) and jumbo Platy to Miami-Dade municipal water, I now only prefer MY WAY & haven’t suffered a loss since. Thanks for giving us more details in the description.

Reid Smith says:

I like my sun sun better than my marine land c-series canister

Paul Sam says:

Great Video and I agree with all the products you’ve shown. I have the SunSun 404B just a few minor changes then the 304B but both do the same job. Have three and there going on 3 years and still as quiet as the day I bought them. Getting my first Cichlid tank after my new flooring is put in this July. The Fish I’m researching all say subdued lighting. Since you use those lights on your tanks I’ll assume that they’re fine for Cichlids. Thanks Great stuff.

Bradley Fortner says:

Lava rock as bio-media and pool filter sand as substrate are also good ways to save money in the hobby.

Ricky Kenerly Cichlids says:

I have used all your suggestions except for the beamswork leds. For any future lighting needs I now use clip on utility light fixtures and GE Led Bright Stick bulbs. They may not look the best but if the bulbs ever go out I just have to replace them instead of the whole fixture. The main reason I use them now is cost and efficiency! Keep up the smooth videos!

Kevin’s Fish and Reptile says:

man awesome light find I havent come across I use shop lights in my 30 tanks right now because of the cheapness but this is about the same after bulb purchased with shop lights. definitely going to be looking into ordering some of these. Thanks!

ItsMilk Foo says:

Can I replace the activated carbon for polyfil?

Kyle Daniels says:

I agree all of these are great cost effective products.

muddyriverdogz says:

I moved up in the world from canister filter’s to hang on filter’s I hate dealing with the canister’s.

BigAlCeja says:

Steve- any links to the quick disconnects on your python?

Ben Ochart says:

Nice job Steve, I agree and wish I had seen your Beamsworks recommendation before wasting money on an Aquaneat light that corroded and stopped working in under 90 days. I have two Beamsworks arriving by Tuesday.
On the poly fil, good stuff but it was falling apart on me during canister maintenance and getting all over the sponges which cut myself and like to reuse. So just recently I switched to Pinky Floss. We’ll see how that works out.
Thanks for the tips!

Long Woo says:

Great video Steve! I use all those products except for the light. After checking out the prices on the lights. I will buy those light for sure.

Daniel Ennis says:

I have very soft water , could I use the python to do water changes on my Mbuna tank and just dose prime , Epsom and sodium bicarbonate? Cheers

2easymode says:

the Beamswork LED light is very low lighting. I bought it and was very dim. So don’t buy

Dakota Ratliff says:

I have one of the filters and have had it for about 6 years and it is still going strong.

Ringo Star says:

steve…I just subscribed to your channel, what model of sunsun filter can I use on my 30 gallon aquarium…..thanks

Ngoc Ly says:

Thank you I bought all 5 :)… can’t beat this

Johnny Lopez says:

That polyfil is NO JOKE! Legit stuff! I use a tiny strip on my Green Killing machine UV filter.

Chris Ongoing says:

Another great video Steve. I recently changed my filter from sun sun 404B to 2 Quietflow 75. The sun sun is good but run at 55w with 525gph while the two Quietflow runs at 28w with 900 Gph. I don’t use the cartridge on the HOB just bagged lava rocks and poly-fil. BTW do you have a Facebook group?

Paul Sam says:

Just received my light from Topdogsellers. It took 2 days came packed well and I have to say I love it. I love how the ends stay in place with the screws. Great light just what I was looking for. I also mentioned your name. I will be getting a few more.

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