African Cichlid Aquarium Lighting Comparison/Review

I take a look at a few different lighting options for my 6 foot African Cichlid aquarium. I show them side by side for a good comparison.

Here are the lights in the order shown:

Single 4ft fluorescent:

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED+

Two 3ft fluorescents:

Single 6ft LED
Beamswork 72″ LED (0.50W, 6500K LEDs, 8400 Lumen)

Two 3ft LEDs (I have since bought many of these):
Exquisite EX90 36″ LED (0.10W, 10,000K LEDs, 1200 Lumen)




Goose14 says:

great video. I prefer the look of the current the most. but the last lighting shown in the video wasn’t bad either

Nini Martin says:

The following is:

The best lighting for African cichlids is Blau Lumina Led 152 special reef

But, you have to know how to program it, do not use automatic programming

Schedule manual

My aquarium is 2 meters long and is lined back and sides with panels of – Juwel

So the light gets more concentrated in the aquarium

To avoid excessive light and the opposite

The programation:

Coordinates 10 South

34 East

Midday Function 15:30 Intensity Filter – 60% – yes, – 60% Lake Malawi is deep

Nubellate Days, to your taste, 2 to 5%, as Africa is constant heat and rains little as we have already decreased the light intensity I recommend 2% for occurrence of cloudy days

The Blau Lumina Led 152 special reef – special reef is expectular for dusk with its dimming channels – 2 actinic LED lights per plate

And dawn is also phenomenal

Aquarium Hobbyist says:

wow – u have too many lights 🙂

great vid

I like the current satellite the most

Shadman Wahied says:

Absolutely love the look of your aquarium bro! How many gallons is that?

IFG says:

Phenomenal editing. I like the split screen

Jojo says:

defintely the cirrent fixture, I run one myself and the moods settings are a 1-up!

Abhay Kumar says:

Thanks Steve.

Recently, I see a lot has been changed in light. With LEDs getting flooded, it’s even more confusing what is right and best with cost. We have CFL, HO, LED, Actinic.. and many more.
can you please update by comparing and suggesting best one among the new lights. That will be a kind favor.

no doubt your chichild setup is beautiful 🙂

Minh Nguyen says:

I liked the two 3 ft. fluorescent bulbs

Roy Niswanger says:

Hi Steve. Great review, clean, simple with awesome comparison in-video views! I’ve already shared it on fish lore forums. I’m upgrading from a 60G cichlid setup with limestone holey rock and black painted back using one 48″ Satellite Freshwater LeD+ fixture. The light setup on my 60G is almost perfect. Only thing it’s missing is the capability to program dawn/dusk/day automatically (I think there’s a higher end model for that). I generally using only white and blue LEDs in a custom setting…I don’t like adding full-spectrum i.e. greens and reds so that are always off. Now I just refinished the 72″ 125G cabinet and canopy and I would like to keep in simple under the canopy and above the glass hinged tops and use just one 72″ fixture wherein the end-cap bracket would slide in a stand-off I glue and nail to the sides of the canopy. This way when I open the canopy I can simply slide the whole fixture back and then open one side of the class lid to feed. I agree, the last setup you show seems the best. I’ve been told that all 6500K would be best but now that I’ve seen the 10000K + actinic I think I might go that route. I don’t want anything plant-wise to grow. I only wish that last version had two possible options: 1. comes in a 72″ 2. allows 2 or even 3 modes (all leds on, half leds on and only actinc leds on) but I think it’s only 2 modes of all on or only blue and IMHO I would much rather replace the blue only with 1/2 LED (white and blue) l on which is better for dusk/dawn setting.

Bob Hastrich says:

steve i put cheep ebay LEDs in my 125 gallon 2 strips in the front on a dimmer 2 strips in the back on a dimmer, and 1 dark blue in the center on a dimmer so i can ajust each. front on back off,back on front off both off blue on. makes it vary handy when i have to have the canopy open and turn the front off back on and clean the tank. total cost on lighting $40.00 ebay dimmers ebay LEDs

NYCity Cichlids says:

Nice video Steve. And I like your wide range of choices.

Marco Delano says:

Nice video, thanks for sharing. I’m not following who makes the last set of double 3′ LED’s ? Are they programmable such as the Current Satellite +  ? I have a 90G Peacock I just set up and added fish today. I need the lights for the last thing. Does the last set of lights use 10K Spectrum ?

AquaStudent says:

Great comparison. It’s nice to have something where you can see the differences in the same place under the same conditions.
Was thinking about trying out one of the Beamswork LEDs. I love my 4′ Current USA Freshwater + on my 135G but it’s so expensive. As you mentioned, the lightning storm is cool but probably not the best for fish.

Jorden Watkins says:

Great vid man. I’d have to say the current satellite looks really good

parrett17 says:

What’s the name of those rocks

AquaLady 420 says:

Florescent bring out the color red in fish. Nice vid. Those satellites are expensive lights.

Old Trout says:

In the market for some new LED’s so this was a great video! Thanks! + sub

Corey Hecker says:

awesome video. I like the last the best, but I like the tank brighter.

akatonyh says:

Great Vid Steve! I like the 2 3ft look and current isn’t too bad as well.

James Feenan says:

top class review

J Spalding says:

Excellent video comparing some light setups. I like the Currents the best.

SuckaJombie says:

Am I the only one that likes the first one the most?

AquariumAndy says:

Great vid man, thanks!

jenna garnett says:

very helpful

Jesse Amalfitano says:

yea i agree. great vid. definately the (2) 3ft.

brett oreilly says:

nice i am looking around at mo for a light for my 5ft mbuna tank i think its got to be leds so i can change up the light pattern

Aquatasy says:

Excellent video! I’ve been contemplating switching to LED lighting so I really appreciated this. I just subscribed, by the way.

Heisenberg Joseph says:


AquaLady 420 says:

I’m watching this again and forgot I watched it before, I’m shopping for a light yet again…

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