AquarienEco LED Aquarium light REVIEW! Aquarien eco


andrew burden says:

Nice review, any footage of your T8’s? would be nice to compare.
Have just ordered the 90-125cm 35W version of this for my 200L.
Might make my first video comparing the two lights

Robert Fletcher says:

Thanks that’s great I have just ordered one hopefully here tomorrow.

Duncan Ward says:

How are the plants growing now

Laurence Twist says:

This light is still performing very well and all my plants are doing great. I also have a timer on the lights so it’s on 10 hours a day.

Indie In The Blood says:

what are your thoughts on this light all these months later? was thinking of getting one

Evangelos Tsiontsis says:

what is the height of your tank? I have seen these lights and not sure if they would be good enough for heavily planted aquarium 60cm height. Currently i am using 30w Floodlights (nozatec from amazon as well) which are spot on. Did you buy the “normal” leds or the superbright ones with more lumens?

Evangelos Tsiontsis says:

Also you may want to use the word “AquarianEco” in the video title. Lots of people are going to be looking at it 🙂

John Fitzpatrick says:

Thanks very useful review, as I was looking at this piece of kit on amazon, any thoughts on water proofness etc is it still going well ?

Chris Jessop says:

How have you found plant growth with this ?

Laurence Twist says:

I think it’s standard LED. but it is very bright, my tank is 18 inches deep, and my plants are growing very well. thank you for your comment 🙂

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