Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Light review

This is a review for Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Lighting system.

This is a new product from Aqueon and is simply the greatest investment you can make. Find out more information from the video and visit my website at

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Tops says:

saw the replacement bulbs at petsmart

Adam Hudson says:

The Kelvin rating means nothing, the spectrum on those lights are mostly blue, with little red, not good for plant growth, also plants don’t use green light, they reflect it.

Very crappy light for plants, and just in general. Also extremely over priced for what you get.

princessconnie61 says:

I got two 18 inch modules on sale at petco for $5.99 each.

Garnett Johnson says:

Negative it’s sold online and at Petsmart.

jizzak47 says:

i bought the 48 inch for my 55 gal and it looks awesome,plants are doing good

crimsontide1980 says:

I just bought this lamp and it’s pretty awesome and for a good price too! My only gripe is that there’s not different modes for just lighting one individual bulb at a time if you have 3 different color bulbs. I guess you could unplug which ever bulb you didn’t want to light up if you wanted to?

kyle benson says:

Do you have CO2 on your tank

Blake zimmer says:

You can pick them up at any Petsmart or online at Amazon

Hilde says:

What size is the tank?

I have seen the bulbs on Ebay.

Jim says:

Suggest the acquistion of this item: Current USA Single Ramp Timer For LED Aquarium Lamp Control List Price: $39.99 Price: $24.0 on Amazon. Great addition to your procurement. It has added a much needed capability to this Aqueon product which I too endorse.

khaspher3 says:

I own same lights and love them but need to add lamps. Any idea where I can but the strips online?

gary wong says:

You can mail order them at

laura dahl says:

Are your plants happy with the lighting?

byCaitlin says:

Nice review, but – the blue spectrum is actually the wavelength used for most photosynthesis (between about 400nm and 500nm, with additional photosynthetic activity in the red 625nm to 700nm range). There is no photosynthetic activity from light in the green spectrum; the reason plants look green to us is because they reflect those wavelengths while absorbing (and using) the other wavelengths. – scroll down about 1/3 of the way

Cole SoulsS says:

if anyone is looking for the strips look on

Egon A says:

Would this work on a bowfront kit?

thegreatga says:

Have you noticed any funny algae growing or any difference in plant activity since purchasing these lights? Thanks

Justin Belgart says:

So this light will grow plants? Im looking to get one

Lesa Bevan says:

I just bought two sets of the 30″ for my African tank and I really like them. I have added one white strip light to each side and now Im searching for 2 30″ blue strips to add to the third slots. I replaced my old hooded fluorescent lights and really like the depth and shimmer of the LEDs. TIP! If you don’t like the gap between the glass top and the lights (I hated it) you can take of the slid mounts off and until I find something better, I ran black electrical tape along the front to cover the space where the lights reflect on the glass top. Much better! 

gangsterp8 says:

Do you know any places online that actually sells the LED replacement bulbs? I looked all over for it and I can’t find it (even on the Aqueon site)

KJJuon says:

you have to go back to the store from my understanding Aqueon was bought out and now Petco is the only place they sell them and you can’t special order

byCaitlin says:

I had to remove the h___://w___ (and the rest of those letters here… ugg) in order to include the link for the information source, just add it back in if you want to read more.

Jonathan Maya says:

Hey how is this doing for you still? I’m thinking of getting one for my planted tank. Just not to sure if it’s bright enough

jcashisking says:

Do you think these LED’s are brighter than a double Florescent setup? I LOVE the night time BLUE light feature, but it’s still a costly item to buy.

I’m wondering since about a 1/2 gap is between the glass & LED, Vs a hood. I would think you might get brighter lighting with the old school lights.

I appreciate any feedback.

Also, can anyone chime in and give their opinion on which bulb they prefer


Also, does anyone think

yogosans14 says:

Will this work for a 20 gallon long tank?

Sanka Coffee says:

thanks very informational…been trying to decide between the Aqueon or Marineland….

1963geistaffe says:

Build your own. I bought one of these and the LEDs crapped out over the span of only one year. Allot better and less expensive to DIY.

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