Awesome Aquarium Light| Plant Growth| Nicrew LED

Hey everyone, I don’t do product reviews often…so this video means I found something good! I’ve had my Nicrew LED light for a little over a month now and I must say…I’m impressed!

Nicrew LED:

JPB – High [NCS Release]

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electric water says:

nice scape D

Jeff Cachero says:

good video, i just ordered one today. how long are you running your lights and what’s the setup/equipment in your tank?

Samuel Velez says:

i have a tank with dimensions at 36 1/4 x 12 5/8 x 19 3/4, im planning to have a planted aquarium.. will 2 of this work? or is 1 enough already?

Aidan Garcia says:

Dude thanks so much, high quality video on a high quality light. I was skeptical at first about this light but I’m definitely going to get one now. Gained a new sub.

David Olinger says:

ty good job

Jeremy McReynolds says:

Do you have the PAR data on this light or the wattage of the LED?

KingKoopa __ says:

not bad of a led for so cheap very nice

FishyBrittyKitty says:

Does this light say if it’s UL listed on the plug?

Ricky Kenerly Cichlids says:

I liked the review but I have to say I love that aquarium setup! It looks amazing and natural. Keep up the good work!

Eagle Aquatics says:

Absolutely awesome aqua scape on this tank man. Like that light too.

Big Burgers says:

If you ever want to splurge more, the chihiros A series can blast a tank for algae for 35 bucks.

AQUA NUT says:

Yeah man that light is doing a good job for sure, maybe just maybe I might pick one up, can’t beat the price


yes I’ve got a few off these great video

Alexander Brill says:

what kind of loaches are they

Josh Harriss says:

Great video I need a light for my 4ft tank so I will look into these lights too see if there is a bigger version or something to fit a 4ft tank

David's Fish Tanks says:

Love your planted tanks and all your tanks great video !

Tiago Barbosa says:

Are the plants good right now? I will buy some led like that but not everybody say that they are good for plants. Im so confused xD

walter otiepka says:

looks great any ferts co2 what type substrate?

BigSwamp504 #CTC says:

great info

Vijay Sivasankaren says:

Love the new tank bro… the background and the stones placements are perfect. Nice growth as you said

TankOn says:

Those loaches look awesome! They’re like almost like mini rays

Brenna Saxton says:

It looks like you forgot to take off the sticky plastic that comes on the glass. Haha

Ruben says:

Nice looking light. If it gross plants they will come. lol Love the music.

Deepak Shukla says:

Fantastic video; truly like it. Looking forward to seeing some more 🙂

Scott Danziger says:

What kind of glass canopy do you have ?

DebTim A CANADIAN Girl says:

Hi Darius.. I’m looking forward to your vids!! What type of light do you have on your 220? I don’t like my light on my 150 and am having trouble deciding. I made a DIY but not happy with that either. Advice please! That light looks awesome.. but I’m sure it doesn’t come 6′ long!

Chris Cristian says:

Any idea how many lumens and temperature (k) these Nicrew lights have? There is no mention of it on Amazon..

Aquariums by Mike says:

great vid man. sorry bout the hose, that’s a yearly thing here it seems lol. I have been looking into switching over to leds for my planted tanks… always just ran t5s. alot of em lol. will be watching to see how it goes. so many options out there, pretty overwhelming. Ever tried the planted plus?

AquariumCop says:

TY great video

Vijay Sivasankaren says:

BTW, what are you dosing in the tank? I had some hydrocortyle and did not seem to have much success. Perhaps, the light was not as much great as yours

Lorace Rimando says:

What type of substrate do you use for your plants?

Mike's Aquatics says:

Bro awesome video… I ordered these before watching the video and I have a algae problem now. Some advice: If ur trying to do plants, get the 20-27″ model for a 10 gallon instead of the 10-19″ because It gives u 11 watts against like 7.


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