Awesome New Aquarium Light| Nicrew Delux LED Review

Hey everyone, today I’m sharing my experience with a new aquarium light: the NICREW Delux LED

Basic Info: 18w, 1200 Lumens, 7500k (Color Temp), 20-24 Inches

Nicrew Delux LED:

20% Off Discount Code (Nov. 25-Nov. 30, 2017): ZXTI5ACH

Fantasize by Elexive
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Manwell says:

I have one on my tanks check it out

Lumpydog says:

Nice review video. Thanks for the review. I’ve got three Nicrew lights I’ve been running for about six months. No issues yet. They look great and grow my easy low light plants great. I suspect they would grow more demanding plants but I don’t have any. Cheers.

Phresh Phish says:

Great video D!

dbachelor's Planted Aquarium says:

great light!

tam tam says:

Hey you’re videos are always fun to watch

Russ Polk says:

I have finnex planted plus24/7..finnex ray2 and just picked up afinnex stingray 36inch for $50 and i was blown away by how well it work

Brian and Xman's Aquariums says:

I have 2, one on 20g & 1 on 40g

George Calderon says:

Nice light and the tank looks great just like all your tanks

GDee Cichlids says:

Nice review. Thanks for sharing bud. Looking good. I’m kind of heavy handed as well so its a must for lights and such should be well built.

inventoryking says:

Very nice intro. It looks like it gives off a nice clean light

Pleco Zone says:

ohhhh! so nice

louverdudski says:

Just got 3 of these,thanks for the code! 2 20h and 1 ppl,and works better than the full length lights I had..

Russ Polk says:

Great vid as always

Manwell says:

You have any beamswork?

Anthony Ragan says:

I’m impressed with the end to end coverage for such a short-length light.

Guy Smith says:

My fish eat that plant…lol

IFG says:

Forget the light! The Production value of this video was AWESOME!!!

Raccoon Creek Aquatics says:

The costs add up quick. It’s nice to find inexpensive lights!

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