Beamswork 36″ EA FSPEC LED Freshwater Aquarium Light

Just received my Beamswork LED light from Amazon!


Jimmy H Fishes says:

okay.. I thought I asked cause you have a glofish tank in one of your other video.. thanks

David Bryant says:

Wrong The plastic feet are adjustable. I own 2 beams work 48inch lights with the plastic feet.

Mark Copley says:

what is the filter you have top right corner?

Paul Binkley says:

Is yours timer ready ? Also mine is only 1800 lumen

Arturo Hernandez says:

Are these good for saltwater tanks?

tea glass says:

What do you put under your lights, is that glass pr acrylic, and do you cut it yourself, where do you get it

albert stacy says:

Great review. Does the light set runs hot?

Michael Lasorsa says:

I’ve ordered mine today 48″ with a timer on for 53 bucks. I can’t wait.

electric water says:

sweet light man thumbs up from me

matthew o'dea says:

does ur led still work n how long u had it

Jimmy H Fishes says:

you think the 6 blue led will make glofish glow? I have glofish in a 40g..

Deon 0026 says:

great video

sirbreakemstuff says:

it looks brighter then the lights im using for my aquarium plants an im growing some very light demanding plants. you should try it

Jason M says:

My Beamswork fixture started dying after just a couple months.

The Amazon seller wouldn’t even answer my messages!

Currently light shopping to replace it…..

WguiOguiW says:

EA90, “90” 90 That’s for the centimeters. 🙂


cool video I’ve just brought one a vivagrow that’s nice mine was 4400 lumen 4′ long plastic grips I’m pleased with it but I like yours too

Ryan Jones says:

What beamsworks lights would you suggest for a 20gal tall and staying low/med light, low tech tank.

Deon 0026 says:

Does the times allow you to dim?

albert stacy says:

Is the power supply 110-240 volts?

Reggie's H&P Cichlids says:

Very nice lighting! Great channel! subscribe you.

dave grice says:

what cichlid fish are in ur tank

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