Beamswork Aquarium LED Light Review 4 months later. UPDATE

Update after four months of using the light.

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laura dahl says:

My 3rd gen beamworks 90 lumen 2140 lumen output just arrived today. I installed, and the lights are very bright. But I have noticed that there is NOTHING on the lights to indicate the “3rd gen” claim. (I would like to know if I just paid $10 more for a claimed 3rd gen, when it’s really a 1 gen).
Plus, the feet were upside down-easy fix-just took out and flipped around.

My adapter is different than yours… :0
Anyone know the VISUAL difference between 1st a& 3rd gen?
Got mine off ebay $55.99

anthony shorter says:

what kind of bad storys you heard about the beamswork reef lights.i just recieved it.please let me know

TheT040484 says:

Does it have the night and moonlight mode?

Mark Murphy says:

I was looking at the BeamsWork Freshwater Bright LED Light Fixture 36″ that has extendable brackets to 48″… Would that be enough light for my 55 gallon african tank or would i have to get the 48″ light?

Planted Tank UK says:

Can you do video response on my review video with this one and not your original video please 🙂 thx

jarimwalter says:

Based on how bright the light is, would it be pretty ridiculous to put 2 of these over three 15 gallon tanks… I’m making a rack and the 15’s will be side by side depth-wise (side of tanks facing front) I want to put 1-2 lights over the tanks as opposed to buying one for each tank. Being only 5″ wide, I’d worry about the spread of the light to the ends of the 15’s if I hung the fixture over the middle. So, I think two would be more suitable. They will hang about 20-25 inches from the substrate.

rwj99 says:

do they make a double bright version?

dannyhrgl says:


Bruce Golding says:

I have the 48″-50″ version atop my 120 gallon freshwater tank. After 2 months of use the lights now flicker continuously. Any idea how this can be fixed? I saw something on the internet suggesting that it needs a special LED driver/transformer to properly regulate the power flow in a way that the supplied AC adapter doesn’t. Has anyone else had this experience? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

enlightened58 says:

Great video thanks for the heads up. Wasn’t sure about the leds since I have heavy planted aquariums but I purchased a marineland 37 gallon tank that came with hood and small center led set and within a couple weeks I had 4 new leaf’s growing on my Anubis plant and heavy algae covering the tank walls which I wasn’t happy about but it seems to have enough spunk to grow the anubis and algae in the tank.

dannyhrgl says:


dannyhrgl says:

yes they do

mrchinee25 says:

would this be a good light for my 55g planted tank?? pls help

Jay Zhou says:

lol what do you guys expect? chinese knockoff means they will take something out, in this case its only the glue. im in for 2. thanks for the follow up review

Natalie.Tomczyk says:

Do you know which Beamswork light I can purchase for my planted aquarium? I’ve been looking at the Beamswork Power LED 400 (24-30″) light but it doesn’t seem to say anything about plant growth. Thanks for your review!

Enrique Goitia says:

do you know the kelvin of these leds?

Enrique Goitia says:

how come there’s no algae? doesnt algae grow with light especially strong light? you gotta superglue that converter

Jamie Irwin says:

Do you get the shimmer effect from this led?

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