Beamswork FSPEC Aquarium LED Light Freshwwater Plant Extendable

I take a look at the PAR Data on the Beamswork FSPEC Aquarium LED Light Freshwwater Plant Extendable.
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Jared Granger says:

I’ve gotten three beamswork from amazon, top dog sellers, and all have come in the plain cardboard box. mine have been fine so far, two are multiple colored leads, and one is white 1watt emitters witha few blue.
I think you got a bum light. I’m sure they will send you a new one.

Aquatic Hobbyist says:

are you reviewing all the popular eBay lights because I’d love to see some other par data and some side-by-side comparisons

Nikki G says:

Man you can buy a aquaneat on ebay for $25. And it works better and skinnier.

John Zimm says:

Thanks for doing these PAR reviews. I am looking for a mid priced lamp for my 10 gal. What PAR should we be looking for, for a medium planted ( low light to mid light plants) or more non co2 tank?

P0HTAT0 says:

It’s good to know you are willing to let people know the truth about things being complete piles. It does make you think though what a company was thinking when putting out 2 products in the same price range but a clear night and day between the two.

Reynaldo Zamora says:

Will this keep my red plants red or will they lose color? I have nutrients and pressurized Co2 but will this light keep them red or make then even more red?

Lawrence Bader says:

So I just spent about $90 on a Beamswork 48″ DA 120 6500K and its timer. So far so good. It works well. It has the blue light setting, but no red or green lights…
So, will this work for growing plants??? That was my intention, but only after ordering it did I start to learn that it may suck at that.
Trying to learn what is needed and what works from the internet and from Youtube is just too damned confusing. For now, I try to grow some Java ferns and Java Moss, plus some Wisteria. Gonna use Flourish Excel and liquid CO2. Thinking of ordering your liquid fertilizer spray also.
Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

AquaLady 420 says:

Great vid, new subbie here.

Brian's Opinion/Comments says:

Thanks for doing these and your honesty

Jim The Hammer Shapiro says:

I trust watts and bulb type more then any labeling schemes that they come up with.

jesse pace says:

do a par test on a 48 inch quad 3 watt snakeeyes beamworks fixture at 18 inches deep=) Maybe asking to much lol

Ruben says:

Can the flickering be the power supply try another power supply from the other Beamwork light. The Fspec for what I see at there web site are the 10000k models. They have others that are rated at 65000k for plants. Thats weed the you got different box design. Thanks

IFG says:

I think one is a knock off dude

Laura says:

I apologize for buggin your channel fyi! Just wondering what youd recommend for a light on a 20g hex- ive been watching your light reviews – and see your preference for finnex stingrays – but a hex is a weird shape- the top obviously cannot support a 24 or 48″ light. LEDs seem to be the way to go. Wondering if 2 finnex clip lights would legit light the depth of tank for low light – low tech plants?

Bengal Ghost says:

Hey, Cory. Does the flickering mean it’s warming up? It seemed to have gotten brighter after the PAR test towards the end of the video.

IFG says:

I have the same light, and i agree.


Maybe you bought a cheap chinese rip off?…too many things different…look at the set up directions -that will let you know for sure…

gimmytube1 says:

I own this light and have never seen any flickering nor had any problems with it. I think you might just have got a dud.

yaoming yen says:

will you do a test on the ea 90?

madmax13326 says:

did you get the light from eBay or Amazon? The same seller, Topdogseller is peddling these lights and thus far I have already purchased 2 of them with the same issues, when asked if there was a retail packaged fixture, from what I gather the plain brown box is all the fixture comes in.

Rub Mez says:

can u make a review on this light Cory
Beamswork DA FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Pent Freshwater 0.50W

Makho Shergelashvili says:


I’m going to buy Lights for planted aquarium:
ET 6500K 0.50W LED Aquarium Light Freshwater Plant Beamswork
Did you know about it, it’s good?

yaoming yen says:

Nice to know. Thanks!

Naicly Media says:

Hey I think it would be cool if you started a fb group for your fans to talk about fish. Like a forum 🙂

naldjb says:

Hi, Im have been looking for a proper light for my 24x16x14cm 23gallon tank… can you recommend me the best led light you know? not to expensive but enough for carpet plants to grow nicely… currently have a Deebow D143 led light 7500k with 10watts and all my plants are melting 🙁 i really hope you can recommend me the proper light or atleast you can tell me what wattage should i look for my 23gallon tank…. thanks in advance

Reynaldo Zamora says:

So just throwing a question would you think this light would be good for a 2 gallon long planted tank?

Jake Iapichino says:

Have you tested the DA FSPEC? After looking at forums ive seen that it gives medium light at 16″ about like 40-50 PAR

JediSuPhu says:

Do you have a link to the better Beamswork light you said had 28 PAR?

FishBoys says:

my wife INSISTS that the new LED christmas lights flicker. but i can’t see it lol. i’ve asked a few different people and it seems like some people can see the LED flicker and some people can’t. she wears contacts, whereas i don’t have any glasses or anything–so maybe it’s something to do with that?

Ebay Guru says:

well.. that video should save someone some money and buy something else lol … what a load of rubbish great review my friend

Jared Granger says:

i wonder if beamswork is just using different suppliers and that is why there are two types of packaging. i would assume beamswork would understand the marketing issues that would create but maybe not.

Aquatasy says:

Good video! Seems like the Beamswork lights are wildly uneven in quality. Some of their lights are excellent and some leave much to be desired. I just bought the Beamswork LED Pent 24 6500K aquarium light (apparently targeted at freshwater planted aquarium use) for my daughter’s 20gal tall and so far we love it. In fact I’m considering buying another of that same model for my 20 gallon tank. All the lights are white. It has a high setting and a low setting. The high setting is super bright. Stong enough to grow even the most demanding high light loving plants. So far we haven’t noticed any flicker. But since buying that model we’ve read reviews for other models that are less than favorable. I can’t understand why a companies products would be so varied in quality.

Ryan Jones says:

Have you tested the “Et” led light from beamsworks? Would like to see the par on that light!

Jayden G. Marrero says:

It’s flexering because the mode makes it seem like if clouds are passing over

Cody Hatchett says:

Thanks this was a great video. we have a few on some tanks in the fish room that flicker a bit mainly because of the way they use that little head phone jack style of a plug that kinda wiggles. The old Hi lumen ones used to be great for small planted tanks brightness wise but they discontinued them unfortunately.

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