Beamswork 24 inch LED EA 6500K

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Anthony's Malawi Predators says:

nice shimmer for sure. i’m running a cheap basic current USA led along with a t5

NYCity Cichlids says:

Nice. Nothing but LEDs for me. If I had a reef I would probably go with LED and fluorescents. But the benefits of LED lights are just too good on freshwater tanks.

Eric K says:

I built the Joey DIY led light using the 25 dollar led strip and a vinyl rain gutter. Pretty happy with it even though it’s super low budget. It sits underneath the canopy so it’s out of sight

Adam C says:

tank looking great IFG, I use a beamswork 72 inch. I selected this light because it has extra lumen output and my tank is a 220 tall so I needed the light to penetrate a bit further

Scuba Steve says:

That’s what I’m working with and I love mine. Perfect for what I’m doing. You know what time it is!

Slim Tim says:

Been enjoying my Finnex on 10 gallon red cherry shrimp planted nano. About to go with LEDs on my dirtied 55 gallon, Fired Up!!!

Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More says:

Nice review G

Foo the Flowerhorn says:

Wow, that’s an awsome background. I thought they were real rocks.

J B says:

I’m about to have an embolism over deciding between joey’s diy leds, current usa, beamsworks, and friken monster ray. at this point I’m just wasting time debating. the color and clarity seem to be spit on. noting over done. it does seem to cut off gard on the one side. I get a feeling you wanted to accentuate that shadow so I will assume positioning played a part in that. looks sic over all.

Ricky Kenerly Cichlids says:

Impressive shimmering! The shadow effect you have going on is unique and I like it!

Andino Rodriguez says:

I love the lithing bro.. I have the Fluval Led light I like it but i want to change it

Cichlid MadMan says:

I received these lights today. I set them up immediately and they are great! They have a shimmering effect. My old Marineland led’s seem to have a yellow tint I hated. Will do a video shortly. I highly recommend these lights.

CichlidGuy915 says:

Great review brother! I’m about to buy the  48″ version for my new 75 gallon…Did you buy the timer?

Steve Poland Cichlids says:

The current LEDs are amazing but so expensive. Mine was used or I never would have bought it. The beamswork lights are a great value and a nice compromise.

pelphrey says:

LED’s… The future is bright!

James Feenan says:

i have the classic arcadia 5 ft lamp with 4 t5 it’s older than yourself but works like a dream


Looking awesome…I just changed the lights on my African cichlid tank to the USA Satellite plus, if you remember before I had that marineland and it had that yellow look which I didn’t like with my African cichlids, this new light looks a lot better

T-Man says:

Just bought the 72″ Beamswork for my 6′ tank, def wanted LED & you cant beat it for the price, I’m loving it so far, prolly gonna pick up the 48″ version for my 55g soon

Robert Lee Cichlids & Travels says:

Good Review… I Like Beamwork That’s What I Use… You Already Know What I’m Laughing At…

T Holz says:

Looks good. I like the shimmer effect!

Fish Behind Glass says:

I have a mix of lighting. Mostly T8s. I have one LED fixture. Really enjoy it. Overtime, I plan to switch to LED.

Don Poisson says:

Slick lighting IFG, love the two tone!

Al Vapez says:

It’s got a great shimmer. I’ve been using the elive 48″ rail system. It has modular pods that you can position in many configurations.

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