Best Cheap Aquarium LED lights? 2018

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DISCLAIMER: Hygger did not ask me to make this video. I made this review purely for educational purpose and entertainment.

About This Video:
In this video Tyler Turman from Aquariums With Ty reviews the best budget led lighting for you to try on your aquariums. If you are researching different lighting, check out this video. This led light will help you have more success when growing plants and corals. Also the goal of this review is to find the best products for your aquariums, Aquarium products can be hard to pick out so I made this youtube review to help you find good products for your home Aquariums. In this video you’ll learn about the best cheap aquarium lighting, and what has worked for me!


John Wine says:

Good stuff homie

Alexander Bunkley says:

…… your dick

ClickClan100 says:

Do you think these lights are suitable for a 30 gallon reef tank with corals?

Alexander Bunkley says:

Do you like fish dicks

Fishy Wishes says:

Good looking light. I’ve been using Finnex Stingray led lights and tried an Aquneat led light. I really like both but I will have to look into this one.

Mr Belmont says:

Nice video. I like the explanation of the product.

Fishworld Cichlidz says:

Nice tips . Great channel an videos. I subscribed . Appreciate sub back to help support channels of fish lovers alike

Uriel Corza says:

Is it terrible to leave fish in the dark?

Jeff Jackson says:

Ty you post the best videos, great info!

Kyle Fiyalko says:

Long time subscriber here and I gotta say great moves, keep it up. Proud of you!

FunkyBunkley says:

Ty great input, but I’ve some trouble with my Hygger LED lights. I think they’ve been pushing out way too much Kelvin because I’ve been shinning the light and my skin has been getting some weird rashes. In the video you state that they push out 6,000 to 7,000 kelvin…but research has shown that they could potentially push up to 15,000. In addition to my weird skin rashes, my plants and coral always seem to die. How do I fix this weird rash on my skin?

ghd dfhdf says:

Awesome Video!

Tina Christiansen says:

Hi ty! This is Ava btw!

Alexander Bunkley says:

This one is the best coming up music drop you have done

Alexander Bunkley says:

I absolutely love the intro I have watched the first 12 seconds of this video at least 20 times

Alexander Bunkley says:

I want to see that old ass dick

Cichlidscape • says:

How’re you finding the lights so far ty? Do you think they’d grow live plants?

Alexander Bunkley says:

Coming up!!!!

Alexander Bunkley says:

Do you like fish sticks?

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