Best LED saltwater aquarium light on a budget – Finnex Marine+ II saltwater aquarium Light review

Best LED saltwater aquarium light on a budget – Finnex FugeRay Marine+ II saltwater aquarium LED Light review. Saltwater aquarium care videos that are fun and honest. New saltwater tank videos every Saturday on YouTube.

Finnex FugeRay Marine+ II saltwater aquarium LED Light


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Finnex LED Aquarium light:
100% Pure Magnesium:
SYPHON to vacuum sandbed:
Ecotech Marine MP40W:
Measure Master Syringe:
Turkey baster for cleaning live rock:
saltwater tank maintenance gloves:
Seachem Cupramine Copper to kill ich:
Copper Test Kit:
Miracle Mud (Marine) 5 lb:
Red Sea Coral Pro Salt:
Aquarium Filter Media:
3ft X 1 Flex Hose by Eshopps:
Instant Ocean Sea Salt:
Rio Plus 2500 return pump:
New Life Spectrum fish food:
Stainless Steel Algae Scraper:
Blue Yeti USB Microphone:
EHEIM Jager Heater:
Seachem Ammonia Alert:
Tripp Lite 7 Outlet Surge Protector:
Two Little Fishies Seaweed food:
My favorite Protein Skimmer:
Marineland Canister Filter:

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Aquavert GreenWorks says:

Those lights are great for making sure frags stay frag sized in lfs stores! Won’t grow you a monster acro but itll keep it health and affordable!

craz wolf says:

I have 9 tanks, run a few different led strips, my favorite so far is the aquamaxx prism.
The 4′ aquamaxx prism cost about $30 more than 3′ marine orbit pro .
Comes with power brick, timer control, (with ramp up). Has glass where most others have plastic to sheild the leds, full aluminum sealed frame. 3 channels (white, blue, and special ((special is a center strip of varied colors, a deeper blue, couple ultraviolet, and a few other colors, its just to enhance a little)).) And is by far the brightest led strip light i have found yet.
The programming is a bit weird (difficult to figure out, but very controllable), its not set at typical on off times with the ramp system, it slowly goes from previous setting up to next setting, so if run at 10% at 7am, and 80% at 1pm, it will slowly go from 10% to 80% evenly for 6 hours.
Also has a thunderstorm, but unlike the marine pro, which just keeps going. can set how many times a storm will appear, how much it flashes during each storm, and during which hours a storm will appear. For example, if i set 8 storms between 8pm and 12 pm, with a high intensity, it will flash for a few minitues, approx 30 mins apart. (I dont really use it, but when i loose power for a minute, all the settings stay, except thunderstorm turns back on, it keeps the settings, just turns on, which is kind of nice in an unwanted way, it gives the fish a storm every so often, for a couple days, until i turn it back off)
The drawbacks… It only has the settings, can not just turn something up or down whenever, (like the orbits), must reprogram the setting.
Has 4 timer setting per channel, but wastes one setting with the way the ramping works, if you want it off, must be 0% at 2 setting, if set at 0% at 10pm, and 8% at 7am, it will be at 1-2% at midnight, slowly working to 8% at 7am.

I was going to juat say this was my favorite, but this is a complicated light, so kinda had to give a full review. Sorry for the length.
I also like the look of it, sleek, raised up off the tank about 4.5 inches,(easy to wipe under it (clean dust/salt creep off the glass tops), and the innovative legs only on the backside style looks nice too.

Marine tank journey says:

Great video man

Jaime Garcia says:

I highly doubt your getting enough par on that but as long as it’s softies they will tolerate it
Your T5 fixture definitely creates way more par that only way to know par meter

NPC #90210 says:

Buy a second hand Giesemann halide for $150. Can’t beat it.

don matt says:

can it handle anemones?

Ron Blumer says:

What in the world are you doing?

vision robs Aquatics says:

Hi. Are the t5 s 4 sale steve

Reefer Reborn says:

I would decrease your lighting schedule with the new, light and ramp up gradually over the next month.

Libi Magaña says:

Omg love your tank Steve!
Is awesome that all your tangs get along well
I have a yellow tang she’s a b**ch bully’s my fish always controlling I love that fish but is frustrating.

Mauricio Cañon says:

I don’t think that red lights promote algae growing. You get algae cause your poor water quality. You should stop feeding your fish with vegetables.

fiveman says:

i love my orbit marine its at a good price and its a good light

deep blue aquatics says:

Check out sb reef lights i love them an have amazing coral growth lps an softys ima try to take some vids of my tank

Rotter Tube Reef says:

Finnex FugeRay Marine+ II saltwater aquarium LED Light

craig h says:

looks like they will work well. I will probably get these. The deciding factor came down to cost and electricity cost for 7 years. I think the T5 lights are stronger but use way more electricity. Thanks for the vid.

Speedy says:

Should get radions

Phillip Owens says:

Those finance lights look almost like a aqua top ski led which is the lights I use. I have had my led’s for about 3-1/2 years and they are still as bright as when I purchased them. Plus my power bill dropped about $21. a month. Aqua top also offers a 72 inch led for a larger tank such as yours.

Ross fishy says:

Mars aquas are ok one standard led light does 2ft. I just got 3 radions and no comparison but very exe.

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