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In This Video:
Too day we check out the new Fluval Plant LED 3.0

Thanks For Watching Guys!!! Don’t Forget To 👍 The Video!


Paisley Bunny says:

Hey Cory I was just wondering if I could keep 4 guppies and 4 neon tetras in a 5 gallon fluval spec? Thanks!

Pray4Mojo says:

Fluval 2.0 has better light penetration. I’ll stick with those.

Daniel Pannunzio says:

Dude how do you get rid of black hair algae…

Brads Tropics says:

app ↓

P0HTAT0 says:

So the first one thing will be Scuds to keep the algae down and than the second one thing will be an Oscar? Or maybe the first Will be Amano Shrimp and some little fish like exclamation point rasbora or threadfin rainbows? Personally I’d love to see a Skittles mix of shrimp from L.R. Bretz in there.

Rouge Chaos says:

What kind of fish tank is that ?

MPR Shrimps says:

Step your game up Mike…Cory passed you in subscribers!

cichlid guru nyc says:

Would it consider a high light or low light .I have plants that need high light.

Darko Leskovšek says:

hmm… should I buy a house or should I get new lights for my aquarium

z3ro7o says:

Twinstar ftw

cat caty says:

I have two 2.0 lights on my 102″ long 30″ deep by 24″ wide tank! They do a great job of lighting almost 30 depth” of water!

Jake Iapichino says:

I think it’s worse than the 2.0 and should be cheaper tbh. Less PAR value and the only thing they added was the bluetooth

planet4allofus says:

If you’re a DIY’er this is overpriced junk.

Fishy Wishes says:

Pretty cool how you can control it from your phone. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

Simply Betta says:

Ugh another awesome thing I need to get, thanks for the demo 🙂

Challenge the Wild says:


Mark R says:

Nice. So glad I’ve just bought the 2.0!
As much as I like my 2.0, the downside is the lack of functionality, the 3.0 is the light the 2.0 should have been.

Don Pringle says:

Just got one from Cory myself. Have the 2.0 and love it, had to try the 3.0.

cmpi82 says:

kensfish has them in stock still

Anthony Ragan says:

I dunno. The reduced PAR and rudimentary app (light-controlling apps on the salty side are a lot more capable) leave me kind of cold.


Who’s already got one???

VladMatic says:

Hey , you should call the aquapros family the aquabros!!!!

Co3 Aqua says:

Please go for some different stone than dragon stone for the next scape, blank canvas is looking seiru stone worthy so far, you should also experiment with a black background- black window tint works best

dennylafoss says:

Fluval products are overpriced garbage

Dr Wakin Aquatics P.h.d says:

Put on your doctor coat might helps in your credibility. Hopefully, I’m able to see you dress up in such a way next video. May I know what you’re talking about 3:04?

Mr Blingblorg says:

Where do you get your aquariums??

RM Flyer says:

DUDE!!! you need to tell the people out there that they have to make sure that the switch has to be put on green to pair the blue tooth or are you to much in a hurry!!. and you talk to fast .

II Knucklez II says:

U should do a review on the twinstar E series and S series

Russell Morton says:

Floodlights are cheaper and output much higher par hmm

eltremendaso39 says:

Does anyone know where I can buy a rimless aquarium? I’ve already tried derimming a couple (cracked them both).

carlmelo says:

Nice tank and ligt!

A.C. Aquatics says:

Isn’t this light a 6500k versus 7500k?

Dan Squires says:

Totally agree the app gives it a lot of room to upgrade which is so cool.

The Fish Nerd says:

Nice!! A bit out of my price range but I totally want one or five. lol
Tanks is looking great, btw!!

Glen J says:

Great…now I’m torn even more…..Was thinking of getting either the Finnex 24/7or the Fluval 2.0 and now the 3.0 is thrown into the mix!! Setting up a 40 breeder and do want some “light loving” plants. Recommendations?

Aqua Fuzzy says:

I love the idea of the light, but not so much the price!

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