BEST NEW BUDGET LIGHT? Nicrew Classic LED Light Review with PAR Test

These results were on an aqueon 29 gallon aquarium. The PAR test was done through a normal versa glass top. The aquarium was 19 inches tall with 1 inch of substrate. Here is a link the light on Amazon that we bought for the test.
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Gary Duncan says:

This might be a dumb question but with the Nicrew led fixtures the longer the fixture with more led’s would the par go up or stay the same?

Hick ster says:

Hey Cory, I was wondering if I ran a Finnex planted plus 24/7 on max setting for about 10 hours a day to grow some java fern and an amazon sword, could I use easy carbon to prevent massive amounts of algae with dosing easy green and easy iron?

Gary Duncan says:

Where did you get your fish artwork from like the ones in your office?

The Fish Life says:

Great video Cory

Victoria R says:

I will say I’ve been using this on my uncovered 20 long and it’s been fine, I think it’s mostly to avoid replacements lol love this light! Was planning on getting a stingray for my 2 ft tall, worth it or stick with nicrew? (Easy plants like java and anubias)

MrRyanchester says:

I run this on my low tech 20 long. I use regular gravel and simply add some excel from a bottle. My tank grows swords and subulata just fine. Light is durable as well.

liz L says:

I own 4 of these lights, 1 on a 20 gal long, 1 on a 30 gal and 2 24″ on a 55 gal. with a flor. 4 ft. After two years I have no problems with any part.

Lelio Martinez says:

Good morning, I am from Colombia and I have one exactly the same light for my 10 gallon Nano Aquarium, do you think that that PAR is good for any type of plants? My Aquarium is 27 x 10 x 9.

ChickenParm152 says:

whats the best light for a 75gal mbuna tank with plants?

Jared Byer says:

I have had the 20 inch Nicrew on my 10 gallon for three months. The java moss, Hornwort and anubius have been doing great on it. I just put a 27 inch Nicrew (50% more lights than the 20 inch) on my 20 long. I wonder what the par is on a 20 long with about 2/3rds the height and 50% more LEDs.

Kolton D says:

I ALMOST got that one

Stephanie Olley says:

I bought this light a few months ago on amazon. It is hideous. The light is a hazard. Thanks for the video showcasing this light. Maybe people will not waste their money.

All Things Ray says:

Perfect timing for the review. I bought this about a month ago, and so far my low light plants are doing great. My crypts are growing great and dwarf sag blew up in my 20g with easy green. Just flourishing! Great cheap light for beginners.

SoFlo Exotic Life says:

Grow a beard bro

Glenn Meldrum says:

Could you please recommend a small-sized mouth brooding cichlid for a 30 gallon tank. Thanks.

m0nster0 says:

I’ve had one of these on a 29 gallon for about a year and a half now, running it 10 hours daily. Great light no issues with performance or brackets. I would recommend it at this point.

Jonathan Doughty says:

Pretty cool !

Professor Scraggly Sack Abortionist Extraordinaire says:

Just got one of these 2 weeks ago!

Rob Hicks Aquariums says:

I have been running that light now for a year in my 38 tall and am very happy with it for the price i paid but feel i could use 2 on the same tank

Manvar Tejas says:

Can you please do a par measurements on chirohis A series lights. They are on eBay but not sure if it is worth.

Samsquanch says:

What do you think the par would be on a 55g tank? Thoughts on it being able to grow Madagascar lace, crinum calamistratum and various swords and crypts? Thanks!

Paige Mays says:

Got that light going on my 20 long and it has been very effective for a low tech setup. My plants grow well and I remove tons of dwarf water lettuce each week because of how fast it multiplies.

Gypped Serenity says:

I was just about to buy this and here you are reviewing it!

DB2 Derek says:

I have the 11″-19″ LED Nicrew light on my planted 5.5 gallon. Super impressed with the light output and plant growth. Cant go wrong with this light. Only downsides are what Cory already addressed, i.e Not water proof and the mounting arms are not the best out there. But for the price and output id go with this light every time. Awesome review!

JsAquaStuff says:

I have had mine for six months now and it even grows dwarf hairgrass with ease on a 12’ tall tank. Things are beast

Jordan Starr says:

I just recently bought the 46″ light bar and it started flickering after 3 days and won’t stop nicrew won’t respond to any of my messages about this problem. I’m definitely not happy with this company

Supergecko8 says:

You never got to do the video on growing fish and plants for profit! (buying them up while small and growing them out) which are the best species? discus? fancy goldfish?

Tim's Tanks says:

Good info there bro-ham. May consider a 48″ to replace the Aqueon light on my nonplanted 210.

trizzy mann says:


XWOLVE25 says:

I bought this light 6 months ago. I have a 45 gallon tank with a mesh on top, while the box says it’s not waterproof I have use it on top of the mesh without any issues. It’s bright and affordable.

For Reel Fishing & Outdoors says:

I was just about to get this for my planted 20gal long but they sold out in the size I needed ☹️

Torry Cook says:

i use one on my 5.5g, its carpeting Monte Carlo 😀 cool video! and a 20L with baby tears (not dwarf) and crypts

Mike Vivirito says:

Mine has done wonders growing crypts!

J.J. Pierson says:

Nicrews are VERY bright. I’ve been running them on my 20 longs for 3 years no issues

JsAquaStuff says:

I’ve been asking you for the par on this forever. So I thank you! 35 par on a 29g. Must be like 45 on a ten gallon. Maybe more?

Baran Demir says:

Try the chihiros a series next, they are said to have one of the highest par, but very budget friendly

jiujitsubros says:

I have had all 4 of my nicrew lights for over a year now. All work great and will grow any plant you have. The constitution of it is actually really good just don’t get it wet which is standard for most light.

Austin Laurin says:

Can some one explain what par is please lol

Ramon Batista says:

thank you for the review

Unlucky says:

I have a tiny nicrew on my 10g tank and I have to have it sitting above the rubber on my glass canope so that it blocks some of the light because it’s INSANELY good.

Manwell says:

No one talks about beams work

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