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In This Video:
Today were checking out the Beamwork aquarium LED I just got in for SUPER cheap. Question is, is it any good???


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Brittany Morales says:

My first dive into lighting was a beamswork. I am loving it! Finally got my plants to grow.

ShelbyRae Lane says:

Looking to redo some tank lights. Good review. Thanks

Logan Eisenhart says:

I have the same light. It works great

Josh 29 says:

Is this light still working well…I’m thinking about buying it

mckoon26 says:

I have the green element led fixture from beam works, I get a par reading of 81 at 17 inches and that fixture grew a full carpet of dwarf baby tears, for sixty bucks free shipping on eBay the finnex planted plus 24/7 par rating on the same tank and depth of 17 inches was 23 par and I paid 160 for that light only thing it can grow in deep tanks is algae and annibus!!!

Ferrum Campitor says:

I have been very impressed with the Beamswork FSPEC Pent light (basically the same thing you show here but with the added green and red lights). I’ve got one on my 40b right now and it’s doing very well.

Kevin Fonrose says:

I’ve seen Green element Evo with some high wattage led (3w) LED fixtures which may be better for plants rather than these 0.5w. But I’m not an expert and I’m still undecided between beamswork or Green element Evo.

ruscal a says:

Am I being stupid? But if it’s just got a 3 way switch for modes, can’t you just plug it into a standard light timer?

Jean Feel says:

They are not good that good. Good response of the plants but they tend to favorise algae aswell, much more than other LEDs

quepiid says:

I have the 120 abs the 54 but I run them on fish only tanks. They work fine for me. But I’m not growing plants.

Alex Exley says:

Manual White Balance on that camera will help with comparisons of this nature

solar clapson says:

Stand still!

SirJunior87 says:

any updates on the light? would it be good for a 120 gallon?

Vinicius says:

What is the par reading at the bottom of the tank?

Rémi Girard says:

I think he could use a camera stabilizer, they’re not expensive on Amazon and his dynamic content (Where it’s not stills of his tanks) would be of higher quality, plus it would help us not get headaches. Anyway, love the content! 😀

Rochelle says:

It would be a better review if you had a PAR Test.

wildbill9919 says:

I got a Beamswork LED 18 inch LED for the 10 gallon on Ebay for 17usd. Its very nice. It has the blue “moonlight” setting. Actually it’s too bright so I put a layer of window tint on it to dim it down.

Bijay Hamal says:

Hy, can you give me ideas about filtering? I mean how do you filter your aquarium,, is there a machine which sucks all the dirt out or do you just take the fish out of tank and clean it?

Daniel Hanson says:

In my opinion if you’re gonna get a cheap led bar I think the aquaneat one is by far the best option. I got one for my 75 gallon and it cost $30. It has 10,000 kelvin and 5,000 lumen and it my plants have been flourishing ever since I got it.

Emerson Chavez says:

Which is better between da and ea?

Ryan Verbruggen says:

Loving all the knowledge you share in your videos Mike! Unfortunately, aquarium gear is way more expensive here in Canada. The 48″ is $167.99 CAD on, and $59.95 USD on Do any Canadians have light recommendations?

Daniel Seller says:

Bro, never mind that beemswork! I bought a 48″ Vivagrow on eBay for $45. It comes with full spectrum, fully customizable, 24 hour mode, 4 weather modes, remote… the works! I’ve had it on my 75 for a couple months now, just have not had time to make a vid. Here is the link to it on eBay:

Trust me, this is definitely worth every penny!

Matt Dill says:

It’s really easy to sell something on the cheap when all the R&D money is spent by German companies and then “borrowed” by China.

Vlad The Inhaler says:

I think your camera was reacting to the light and darkening the picture for the led.
Might get a better shot up close.

Emerson Chavez says:

You might want to check back on prices because those prices you have are for the ones that less and not the 120 leds which are almost 70 dollars

A.C. Aquatics says:

Any idea what kinda par this thing can produce? Also how has it been working? How are your plants responding after all this time?

ADU Aquascaping says:

I hear mixed reviews. Man, are you trying to get me to set up another tank or something. Tempting.

MrSteelface96 says:

take a shot everythime he says ”a ton”

Abztrackz says:

I would love a follow up on this vid, its been long enough now to tell if they are working for you or not.

Wunlym Shim says:

Is there a follow up to this? I want to know how this light is with growth.

Garbage Man says:

Hey how is the Finnex SE working out for you? I’ve been using T5 forever now both bulbs went out might be the actual unit (9years old) so the Finnex SE wasn’t baddy priced on amazon so I pulled the trigger, let me know! and should I run 2

Marty Lynchian says:

I just picked up one Yo.

SuperMDemon says:

Great light for a deeper high tech. This might make algae for a shallow tank; the par is MUCH higher than a finnex 24/7se on max.

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