Cheap Amazon Flood Light LED Review

It was requested that we review the 50 watt LED Flood Light. So we ordered one up and put it to the test a PAR meter. 50W New Craft LED Flood Lights, Super Bright Outdoor Work Light

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KCinSoCal says:

I use two 15w 6500 K ($15 each) floodlights on my 40 gallon breeder (Walstad set up) and 6 hours on a day is giving me a ton of growth. I actually prefer the look of these lights in biotope type settings, they give a more natural look. Also, I suspend my 2 flood lights above the tank about 8 inches.

Dr. Death says:

Fluval 2.0 gets nowhere near as par

48tomw says:

When light bounces around the tank it’s called strikeback,PAR is not the whole story either so I would never use this fixture because of the sloppy spectral output which is obvious with that orange hue. For small tanks I use 6500k CFL’s screwed into T socket for two bulbs inside re purposed hoods. But I do have to say this particular series of lamps are UL listed,corded,grounded and properly finned for heat dissipation which is a far cry better than almost all the other very cheap and even dangerous chinese lamps that use improper isolation between the mains and active driver circuitry.

Sh3lby says:

Please help! My name is Shelby Rhodes and I can’t figure out what I want my name to be. I love playing basketball and I’m really into aquariums and fish. I just can’t land a really good YouTube channel name so please help!!

imthe victorr says:

it’s a lot of savings on the 800 gallon but you already spent 16k (dont remember but i know it was around there) on the 800 gallon whats another 400 especially when heat is a issue when you’re streaming it seems.

Ricky Kenerly Cichlids says:

I enjoyed the review. I am not a fan of yellow light either. The choices on lighting are going to explode as LED lighting gets cheaper and cheaper! Reviews like this keep people from having to spend money to see how the lights actually work!

Michael Foucart says:

11:57 Small pleco 😮

Anash Uddin says:

It looks better when you hang it above the tank.

Gabriel Titus says:

Like always very interesting topic , thank you for your kindness.

Randy Guangzhou says:

Just put a lot of 10w led floodlights

Stephen FitzGerald says:

Jim, I am wondering if in future you and Cory could do a video on the use of sumps. when they are necessary. Now I say this for good reason, my own tank has suffered from a great amount of particulates. I use a CFS 130 hang on back cannister filter. Well, the other day I worked on tank cleaning and decided to add the filter that came with my tank kit figuring to run it for a week to clean it up. My water is clear but still, even with the addition particulates abound, though it is much better. Also, any sump I would have to use would have to be a “Sump for Dummies” since I am not handy at all, anyhow, thought I would ask, thanks. Really liked last Saturdays show, it was really great!

Clay Hodges says:

343 fish! 150 mph hurricane! Not good mix. fishfam please pray KMA Irma

hdjc86 says:

Would like to see vs. single bulb t5ho with reflector. LEDs are nice for effects, but t5ho is still better for high light applications $ vs $ imho

Simply Betta says:

Thanks for the detailed review on these! I was looking at them a while ago but couldn’t find much info on people using them on their tanks

Gabor P says:

This is one of the biggest problem todays aquarist facing ! The Lights ! Too bright algae bloom. less light (deep) then like the ludwigia would be lush and wide spread on top and 2 inches down just the empty stem cause the light don’t go deep enough. Then comes the colour. I mean very soon people realizing it those disco L.E.D. lights are just a very expensive joke good for nothing I mean orange blue green yellow or red. Any serious aquarist staying away from those accept kids and the stoners aquarist. What I would really like to see is the dimmer on those and the timers but the dimmer would be the best like 1 or 1.1/2 or 2 hrs of dimming. comes on the morning like 10 am and gradually turns in bright and the save way to fade out till 8 pm. Those are the aquarium light manufacturers I would like to see. On this to compensate the black spot is like you have to lift it up till covers the whole tank on the 20. Or get 2x30w and problem solved. But this subject or topic is my biggest problem in many years only I don’t know who to turn to. Bottom line is to get and make sure is L.E.D. at least 6000k to 7000k timer and dimmer (from 1 hour to 3 hours dimming) No blue night light bull crap or lightning storm effect or clouds moving over or fog or disco or people pleasing colours. Only what natural sun light puts out and as in nature. Those other stuff for disco and strobe lights blue night light etc. for kids or players uncommitted aquarist and young punks. But I think the good quality light system is needed in our hobby ASAP. So any manufacturer watching please make those light for the plant and fish lovers and to the nature loving and nature way aquarist. Thanks Cory for this awesome report and wish you could do more testing on different lights strength how deep it goes and so on so forth and please ask or recommend dimmers cause that would be the biggest new feature for our planted tanks. (may be one day they can all fit them in our standard size tanks or if you have different or custom made size or hoods or mounds so one can de it for them selves)

david w says:

this looks like it would work well for a cardinal tetra tank if you used 2 on the 75. and it would still let you put plants in that arent low light only.

Kyle Davis says:

I agree that these flood lights need to be suspended 8″-12″ above the aquarium to have more even coverage. Kessil makes the A80 Tuna Sun fixture that also uses multiple LED’s under one lense. They also have the light cone effect down, but that is why they are suspended, or attached via goose neck. Especially on a nano tank like mine, 12″L 15″W 13″H, with one of these flood lights suspended, that should reduce the PAR to a reasonable amount and still provide adequate coverage.

Pablo perclown says:

that´s VERY useful and interesting content, well done!

Fish For Thought says:

This is a great review. I am setting up a new 20 gallon and still don’t have the lighting for it, really been thinking of LED on amazon. Glad I saw this video. Also was trying to go with a spot light style like this light, to have a more ambient sort of feel. Perfect!

Vince C says:

Pull it up on a stand….

Devon's Aquariums says:

I have tried other brands. The one main downside of these types of lights is that they get very very HOT.
They do work well as a supplemental light. I have a 125g tank and I have fluorescent lights and use the flood lights to supplement the light because the fluorescents aren’t enough light for plants.
I have two of these below which are using CREE LEDs and they work well, but the metal case on them gets extremely hot. So far they have not died on me, but I’ve had them both for less than 1 year.

This other one I’ve gone through 3 of them which the seller has replaced for me at no additional cost. However I would not recommend them due to them not lasting long.

Sh3lby says:

Hey Jimmy! I’m trying to get a new video camera to start up a YouTube channel. Any good suggestions for a high quality video camera to start out?

eric j says:

The trick with these lights are to raise them above the tank to help the spread i have 30 watt one i gave 14 bucks on amazon and it does an amazing job.

Renato Ramirez says:

Hi guys,

I’ve been having some problems with lighting in a 80 G 27″ tall tank. I still use the manufacturer lighting and it’s obviously not enough to grow plants.

From the reviews you’ve done I was convinced to get the Fluval Plant 2.0 as it obtained the best PAR readings in your tests. But, I recently found a Marineland “Aquatic Plant Lighting System” that claims to get 83 PAR @ 24″ and 172 @ 12″ which would beat the Fluval.

Do you happen to have any information on this fixture?

Cape Cod Tropical Fish Keeper says:

Thanks for the video.  Very informative and interesting.  Please do a review on this light when you can Chihiros A-Series Aquatic Aquarium 12-50W 5730 SMD LED Fish Tank Light 20-80cm.  Thanks!!

Ren Quion says:

Hahaha! Another great thumbnail!

GreenThumb Scapers says:

I tried the fluval 2.0 on a 60 cube and it wasnt enough for most of my plants, the 100w flood im using now put it to shame output wise, I would need 3 to 4 fluval fixtures to equal the output and when raised over the tank even on risers the spread is far better than with the fluval. Smds dont push as deep, cobs really pack a punch and give the shimmer effect like kessil, look for bridgelux led floods, preferably using meanwell drivers, mine rocks and was 60 dollars.

MiniMatt317 says:

If you suspend them off the tank (say 12″ 24″ off the tank) the light coverage should increase the farther away your from the tank? Would the par reading then decrease?

Nepali Fish Guy says:

I have been using 10w led light for $5 for my 12g planted tank and its providing insane amount of light i do have uploaded my video.


The radioactive man clip made me laugh pretty hard.

hemanth rishi says:

Black out effect..?

Zanson's Aquarium says:

you should check out and review the sb reef freshwater lights. the 16″ basic is one i run at home and works really well, i would love to see the par output because i know it’s pretty high.

also, with spotlights, i would raise them up 6-8″

Dan Hiteshew says:

I went thru a ton of these (varying wattage) and the color temp is hit or miss. All in all, I’d give these a miss for your aquarium.

Kevin Hayes says:

Someone probably already mentioned this but I’m not reading 135 comments lol the higher you raise the light from the tank the more spread / coverage you will get from the fixture. When that close to the substrate you’ll not get the full 120* spread. Keep in mind this will also lower the par substantially. Which could be good or bad depending on your situation

A.C. Aquatics says:

Check out Kevin Novak’s video on “poor man’s kessil” I would really like to see how that light preforms and what you think about it. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the hobby.

Donald Shinn says:

Something I’ve never seen used for aquariums are the LED light bars made for cars or off-road vehicles. They have an insane amount of wattage and lumens (a 36″ one at Amazon has 15,600 lumens and uses a combination of flood and spot light LED’s, consumes 235 watts and has a 6000-6500 degree kelvin output.) You’d need to add a DC converter to be able to use one as they’re wired for vehicular use, but since they’re made to be exposed to the weather on cars/trucks/ATV’s, they should adapt nicely to an aquarium environment. You can get them in pretty much any size and in terms of lighting for the dollar, it’s hard to beat them. That Amazon light bar mentioned above costs $39.99. Now, you’d have to add the DC adapter to use it, but you get a 36″ long light with an insane number of lumens and a combination of spot and flood lights. The 36″ Fluval 2.0 gives you 3300 lumens using 46 watts and costs around $150. That’s about a five fold increase in output at about a quarter of the price (when you add the DC adapter.) It’s probably too much light for most uses, but it’s easier to obscure too much light than generate more. I’m not sure how effective they’d be in a tank front to back, but side to side the light bars are a good option.

bigdreams says:

Great review! What PAR meter are you using? Thinking of getting one (if i can’t find someone who has a decent one already). Thanks!

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