CHEAP aquarium LED Lighting Review. Lights of America Under carbinet LED.

I saw these being used in a fish room I was filming while in Ohio. Once I got home I ordered some and put them to the test so I could share it with the rest of the community. I hope to see everyone at Cataclysm the catfish convention in September.
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Bentley Pascoe says:

Really awesome work editing and adding effects in this video Jimmy. The broken tv screen and lightsaber stuff gave me a great chuckle. Also, nice product review on Cory’s end!

Fred Cao says:

Instant liked because of thumbnail. Haha

The Fish Life says:

Great video

Fish Tactics says:

Great idea. To keep it cheap cut a PVC pipe in half the length of the light fixture, depending on size of fixture. Paint if u like or just buy black pipe.

KG cichlids says:

Got my good ole trusty t5 on the 60, just need a power supply for the marineland double bright I found in the trash, fits the 60 perfectly…

LittleLargeMouth says:

Cory is the newest two-lightsaber-wielding character of Star Wars. Is he on the Light Side? The Dark? Neither? Somewhere in the middle? Find out on the next livestream!

Kimsotus Orelius says:

The level of fun you guys bring to these products truly make this innovative and informative. End result: An informed consumer is a generous consumer.

Esteban says:

Another idea for a really cheap DIY light setup is to get a waterproof 5050 / cold white LED strip from for about 7 dollars per 5 meters. Stick it to a wooden strip and hook it up (aka solder on) an old 12v adapter you probably have laying around and get 6500 kelvin. you can even do two or three rows of LEDs and really put some light down on those plants!

Rylan's Aquariums says:

I buying 3 of Theas because of this video

Steven Skoglund says:

my girlfriend heard the part about upgrading the kitchen lighting… now shes gona be skeptical when i say we need another light in the kitchen. dang it!!

Michael Hoffman says:

Great video guys. I’m loving this new channel

marcusallenp says:

If I don’t have the best light , would leaving the light on longer help with plant growth?

Deon 0026 says:

Wow your like a mad scientist to the plant and lights and just all around the fish hobby guru! I’m Deon I’m looking at more and more videos…..

ratoneJR says:

bought some at walmart 3 weeks ago $9. put them under the kitchen cabinet

Ren Quion says:

The thumbnail!!!! Love it XD

NEPA Aquatics says:

Love the thumbnail, reminds me of Jim Varney in the Ernest movies, or Chevy Chase in Christmas vacation.

V. Stag says:

I would love to see more lights tested Thanks for sharing

Ricky Kenerly Cichlids says:

I have had some finnex HO led lights that have been running for over 5 years now everyday! I like watching lighting reviews because I have wasted money in the past not knowing what I would get!

Casey Jones says:

I use the T8 fixtures from the same brand from walmart,and build a hood from a gutter, and replace the bulb with an actual good aquarium bulb.

Scott Webb says:

Have you tested the output of led flexible strip lighting before? You can buy the higher “k” rating ones for relatively cheap. Just a thought but keep up the good videos.

Bryan Colliver says:

i have used sever different high end and low end LED setups and i think my favorite so far is the Flood light they come in 6000k you can get them from 10w up to i think 100w costing 15 to 45$ supper bright i have had crazy growth with them. i have been to a few LFS that have them in stock but i would love to see what a 60w 6000k would do on the meter thanks

L.R.Bretz's Aquatics says:

Awesome Thumbnail!

G Dee Cichlids says:

Thanks for the comparisons guys. I’m definitely checking these out for underneath the stands. Btw awesome editing Jimmy. Spot on.

Deon 0026 says:

This is awesome. I like how the shirts on the wall. And that light is pretty good imo

Jimmy of Aquarium Coop says:

We wanted to make sure our fans had a video to watch today, so we released this one day early, the catfish fish room tour will come out tomorrow on the main channel. By the way you can use the promo code ECLIPSE to get 15% off finnex stingray lights on our website.

Josh Black says:

I’m loving the effects. I laughed my ass off. In the previous video when Cory was talking about Ryukin goldfish and you put up the street fighter graphic I couldn’t hold it together. I actually dressed up like ken for halloween and my friend was ryu a few years ago. Keep up the great work!

Martin Haakansson says:

Thumbnail :3

Anthony Ragan says:

I was glad to see this; I like product review videos. More, please. 🙂

The Fish Nerd says:

Funniest aquarium lighting review I’ve ever seen lol

guppy Friend says:

Cool video

Bosco Hemi says:

Wow, crystal clear video.

TheLizander says:

Have you heard anything about “SB reef” lights? Apparently they’re cheap lights meant for high light corals. They also have a freshwater version I’ve been eyeing. ..

Chris V says:

Where did you get that cool shrimp hat?

Anthony Piti says:

I gonna be looking in to these. Thanks for the video. Jimmy deserves an extra long taco break for those effects!

JPs VlogUK says:

Tell u what I can not wait to get some new lighting for my tank the lighting is shocking tbh in my 4ft tank

Dwain Kitchel says:


myswtsins says:

Love light reviews with good PAR meters that the average hobbyist can’t afford, thank you! If you/someone wanted a better color spectrum at that price point ($24 on amazon) you could get a Beamswork FSPEC ($27). But man they are going up in price fast! I bought a 48″ one 18 months ago for $25, now they are $40 but still a good deal. Do you have any beamswork or vivagrow light par reviews/data? I’d love to know how they compare!

Tyler says:

these types of videos may not get the views but for the real fish nerds they are awesome so thank you and keep it up 😀

VallejoVibes says:

The icon for this video is great 😀

HopArt Studio says:

Yup I have 2 of them that I bought at Walmart for my 10 gallons. Great option until one can afford better lights or need low light tanks. ☺️

Catfish Cave says:

Was that comedy leaking in? Lol. I’m beginning to like this channel more than the main one… it has a certain rawness to it. I’m glad the two channels are different though – they are still my two favorite channels.

Lee Rose says:

can u test a fluval prism and the aqua sky please

Monkey Nut says:

Light bleed … omg it’s terrible

D.P.K. Fish Aquariums says:

Great video thank for sharing it with us stay bless always guys.

Cookiz4dark says:

That thumbnail made my day lol

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